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New Video: Through Her Eyes

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Please view,Through Her Eyes, a poignant video that highlights the stories of three women from our Sanctuaries and their paths from trafficking to transformation.

Shot from their perspectives, this short film offers a first-hand account of the trauma and abuse experienced by millions on a daily basis. Though just a small glimpse, this insight into trafficking further highlights the tremendous courage and strength these women must possess as they make their journeys to freedom.

International Sanctuary’s core components of community and employment are emphasized as a firm foundation in which survivors are able to rebuild their lives. An accepting and loving workplace community is vital for these women to not only gain practical life skills, but also to build a sense of safety and self-worth.

It is our sincere hope that this video will help you see the incredible impact you can have on the lives of women escaping human trafficking. Each time you shop with PURPOSE, you are allowing women around the world to step into new lives of hope, dignity and freedom.


Jon Nyquist, the videographer for Through Her Eyes, has been a long time supporter of International Sanctuary. Over the years, he has worked on several projects featuring all four Sanctuaries, and has a passion to help fight human trafficking using his unique talents. Having visited each location, he has a deep insight and understanding into how each Sanctuary operates and has created a trusted connection with the participants. To view more of Jon’s work please visit http://nyquistcreative.com/

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