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Use Ketchup to Shine Brass Jewelry???

2 min read

We used to think that the best things to dip in ketchup were crispy french fries, but we recently discovered an even better pairing for ketchup: brass.

This unlikely combination can save you from the terrible tarnishing that eventually dulls objects made from brass.  Brass is found in a variety of objects, including some of our favorite pieces of jewelry, like the Chloe ring.

Luckily, America’s favorite condiment can save your jewelry from losing its beautiful shine.  The mild acidity in ketchup actually removes any tarnish and dirt that has obscured the look of your piece, leaving it refreshingly buffed.

To clean your brass safely, first check to see if your piece is solid brass or brass-plated.  This is very important because if it is plated, the acidity may be too harsh for the piece, causing the plating to wear off.  You can check by holding up a magnet. A piece that is plated will typically cause the magnet to stick, due to the magnetic pull of the metals underneath.  If it does not stick, you should be clear to move forward.

Place your brass object in a bowl, and cover it with ketchup.  Gently rub the ketchup all over the piece to ensure it is completely covered, then let it sit for a about thirty minutes.  Next, remove your piece and run it under warm water. If there is any ketchup caught in the crevices, we recommend using a toothbrush to remove any leftover sauce.

This combination is sure to have you saving your extra ketchup packets! For more home remedies to clean your jewelry, take a look at our blog, “How to Clean Tarnished Brass”


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