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Behind the PURPOSE Jewelry Brand


Mission:  PURPOSE Jewelry’s mission is to help her succeed, whatever it takes. We walk alongside women escaping human trafficking and exploitation, connecting them with the personal and economic opportunity needed to ensure their ongoing freedom.

About:  Founded in 2007, International Sanctuary was created to provide hope, dignity, and freedom to women escaping human trafficking. Our nonprofit organization has grown to three locations globally (India, Uganda, and the Philippines). Each sanctuary provides women the tools they need to rebuild their lives. We provide income, healthcare, individualized education and community, filling the gap between rescue and restoration. 

Our Program:  International Sanctuary's program activities and outcome goals are planned according to four pillars of personal and economic development: income, education, healthcare, and community. The art of craftsmanship through our social enterprise, PURPOSE Jewelry, paired with holistic care through our program, ensures that every woman gains hope, dignity and freedom for her future.

Our Story:  Co-Founders, Stephanie Pollaro and Wendy Dailey, both saw first hand the atrocities of human trafficking and asked, “What can we do?” What was needed was a safe and loving workplace where girls could earn a living and gain skills to build their futures. Stephanie moved to Mumbai, India, teaching the art of jewelry making directly to survivors, while Wendy, based in Orange County, California, began educating the community about human trafficking, selling the handmade jewelry, and growing the non-profit. There was a gap between rescue and true freedom that International Sanctuary began to fill. The model worked and the supporter base grew as new anti-trafficking partners around the world articulated the need for jobs for girls and women.

“The happiest day of my life was when I received my first salary from International Sanctuary. It made me financially independent, and I finally had the freedom to choose.” - Kiara, Mumbai Sanctuary.

The sanctuaries give women a safe and loving community to belong to. We provide the space where they are able to love and be loved, feel safe, and where they are able to heal, grow, and experience unconditional love from their co-workers as well as trauma-informed staff.

For many of the survivors, this is the first healthy community they have experienced, and we have found that community is a necessary ingredient to unlocking true freedom for each woman. You have the power to impact lives! We welcome you to come alongside International Sanctuary and PURPOSE Jewelry to further our mission to help her succeed, whatever it takes.

Thank you for partnering with us to impact lives!


Wear Freedom, Wear PURPOSE.