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Ankole Horn Jewelry from PURPOSE

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Ankole is a breed of cattle native to sub-Saharan Africa and in Uganda, they take their name from the tribe that raises them. Their curved horns can reach up to eight feet in length, growing in graceful arcs high off the ground.

Almost everything in Uganda is imported, and Ankole horn is one of the materials that we at PURPOSE can source reliably because it’s a local product. Our artisans in Kampala love working with it, and it's a point of pride not only for its beauty and variability, but also because it introduces the uniqueness of their to country to the rest of the world.

New uses for the unique horns are improving the economic value of this culturally significant breed, helping ranchers to preserve clean indigenous herds for future generations.

The horn helps to sustainably grow the local economy. It’s known for unique and beautiful variations in color ranging from ivory black to caramel and creamy white. Stripes and solids intermix for an exotic finish and like fingerprints, no two polished pieces are alike.

Lightweight yet durable, Ankole horn is fascinating and will start conversations at any gathering. It’s versatile so it can be worn from day to evening and the new pieces from PURPOSE, whether necklaces, bangles or earrings, are destined to become your most beloved favorites.

Check out our new Ankole Horn Collection and make a statement about conservation and sustainability. 


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