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Freedom Is In The Details

1 min read

The Ava necklace tells a powerful story of fresh beginnings. This piece was designed as an introductory item to guide new artisans on their journey to true freedom.

Starting with the chain, each necklace is carefully bonded to provide a sturdy foundation. The half-moon is gently hammered by hand, which beautifully reflects the light. It is then punctured and suspended on the chain.

Once the necklace is finished and clasped, our artisans proudly sign their name on the tag, a gratifying part of the process.

At times, it will take days to produce a necklace that is ready to ship, and the journey of each artisan is reflected in the facets of each piece. Hard work, perseverance and empowerment are behind each piece of our jewelry and we are proud to showcase a wide variety of styles.  

Shop the Ava necklace today, and take home a part of the voyage to true freedom.


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