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International Women's Day

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March is Women’s History Month and March 8 specifically, is
International Women’s Day.

This month we’re celebrating  women’s social, economic, scientific, cultural, and political accomplishments but in truth, we celebrate every day at our sanctuaries in Mumbai, Kampala, Tijuana and Southern California with our artisans who are women and girls escaping human trafficking.

Of the millions trapped in human trafficking, 71% are female and we’ve spent the past 10 years working with hundreds of these women who are on the path to overcoming their trauma and building better lives for themselves and future generations.

Thanks to people like you who purchase unique, handcrafted pieces from PURPOSE Jewelry, we’re helping women receive counseling, medical care, education and mentorship opportunities. Our participants learn to make stylish jewelry, manage inventory, process orders and much more. Working in a safe environment, they develop new skills that will break the cycle of slavery and set them free to determine their directions.Together we can build a bright future for survivors, and change the lives of these young women forever.

Each handcrafted piece PURPOSE sells helps someone become empowered to transform her life. And that’s something worth celebrating - all year long.

Wear Freedom. Wear PURPOSE.

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