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Uganda Sanctuary Leadership Evolves

1 min read

In January 2018, our Uganda Sanctuary added an additional 12 participants bringing the total to 20. Some of our first participants are being promoted into leadership roles where they can teaching others and transferring skills like soldering, wire wrapping, making earring hooks, and hammering/shaping metal.

One of our     participants, Rachel*, was challenged early on with wire wrapping, and instead of shying away from the process, she decided to become the best at it. She has since succeeded in doing so, making consistent, small and even wire wraps in less time. We asked her to step in and teach this and soon, even our lowest-skilled participants started making clean, uniform wire wraps.

We’ve learned that sometimes it's best to leave the teaching to those who have struggled through a new skill recently and know what helped them to improve along the way. They are easily able to transfer tricks and tips to others than those who are old hands at it.

*Name has been changed 

We’re proud of the impressive progress our Uganda Sanctuary has made and delighted to see our participants learn, grow, and share.

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