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Artisan Spotlight: Meet Rozy!

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Artisan Spotlight

International Sanctuary is a beacon of light for thesurvivors of human traffickingwe serve. We believe that these women deserve a second chance in life. In the majority of cases, these women aren’t able to start a new life because of financial constraints and thelack of opportunities available. International Sanctuary is a safe place for these women, and our mission is to empower them to find their true identity and worth, while providing career development and education. 


PURPOSE Jewelry isInternational Sanctuary’s social enterprise, and helps women find their freedom by beautifully crafting jewelry for other women to proudly wear and represent a meaningful cause. International Sanctuary gives job training and experience. However, the help doesn't end here.We havea wide range of services including medical care, micro-loans, education, and mentoring. Our sole PURPOSE is to give these women a life of PURPOSE, and we believe that when you have a PURPOSE in life, you end up finding true joy.  

Rozy’s Story

Rozy* has been in our program for many years now, and has continued to show dedication, endurance, and growth as a leader. Her bright spirit lights up our headquarters in India, and she has become one of the most skilled artisans in our program. She has also helped greatly with training new program participants on the basics of jewelry-making.

Jewelry Maker

With her growing sense of leadership, she involved herself more and more into the design of our jewelry, and has now promoted to the position of Product Development Associate in India! In her position, she will work closely with our Jewelry Designer, April Stream, and with the confidence she has right now, we truly believe she will excel in her new position. Just like Rozy, there are many inspiring women we work with daily who have the capability and potential to succeed in every walk of life. Our job is to give them a platform to create dreams, goals and futures for themselves.

We wanted to allow you to get to know Rozy a bit more personally, so we asked her a few questions!

What are you most excited about in your new position?

    • I am very excited about working with design squad and working with April (our Jewelry Designer) and Janet (our Headquarters Product Development Specialist)!!!!!!!

What is your favorite piece of PURPOSE Jewelry?

What will your job entail?
      • My job will entail working with April and Janet and design squad doing design and teaching jewelry classes in one of the after care homes that we partner with.
    What is your fashion style?
        • My fashion style is wearing a dress, or fancy top jeans and our PURPOSE Jewelry.
      What do you like doing for fun?
          • I like dancing with my friends, eating food, watching movies and playing games.
        Why do you like working at International Sanctuary?
            • I feel safe working with iSanctuary, and they have helped me to grow up.
          What are your future goals?
              • My future goals will be helping other girls grow up, and motivating them. I also want to be a Fashion designer.

            Rozy’s story is just one of the many lives that have been forever changed through International Sanctuary. We know that reintegration is a complex, long-term process. So we provide holistic care that addresses a wide range of needs, providing dignity and hope to the women we serve. Our organization believes in transforming lives, and enabling individuals to live in freedom.

            We have big goals this year, including opening two new sanctuaries in Uganda and Mexico, to serve more young women. You can find out more about our Uganda fundraising campaignhere.

            And as always, we’re asking you to stand up for the cause and wear our PURPOSE pieces with pride!

             *Name has been changed to protect confidentiality 

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