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Thank You!

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Thank You

We want to take a moment to thank each one of our loyal customers who has shown constant support this past fiscal year.

We are so excited to report that our growth of PURPOSE jewelry sales wasreported at 46%!Our amazing artisanswere also able to produce 56,000 gorgeous pieces of jewelry as well.

Fiscal Year Growth Infographic

PURPOSE Jewelry, being the brand ofInternational Sanctuary, aims to support young women and empower them by giving them job training, experience, and a full range of services including medical care, education, micro-loans, and mentoring. We give these strong women a PURPOSE to exist and thrive excellently.

With the growing needs of these women, our aim is to take PURPOSE to a new level. We believe that it is crucial togrow our network so that we canexpand our reach. To achieve this, we need constant support of our community, with ambassadors and brand activists joining our cause, fighting to make a difference.

Jewelry Artisan

With this collective effort, we are able to sell more jewelry, which in turn allows us to empower more young women escaping human trafficking. Here are some important ways to join the fight!

Purchase with PURPOSE®

For those of you who have already purchased our jewelry, we would ask that you continue and remember PURPOSE when it’s time to buy a gift for a loved one or close friend. Ourhandcrafted jewelry is special because each piece depicts a story of survival and hope.

Purpose Jewelry

You can wear your pieces proudly to show support of our cause.

Host a Summer Trunk Show

Hosting a trunk show is such a great way to spread awareness about human trafficking, and allow friends and family to make a difference by purchasing jewelry. It’s also fun to get together with all your friends and try on cute jewelry together, knowing there is an important cause behind the product.

Jewelry Trunk Show

If you’re interested in becoming a trunk show host, visit thispage to find out more details or

Carry Our Jewelry in Your Shop!

We love when retailers decide to carry PURPOSE in their store because it helps spread the mission of what we stand for and want to achieve. If you know of a store that should sell our jewelry, please

Donate to our Uganda Campaign

We are so close to reaching our fundraising goal to open a new sanctuary in Uganda! Read more about the campaign and how to donatehere.

Donate to Uganda

Thank you!

Once again, we want to thank our loyal customers and supporters. Your constant support and help have enabled us to achieve something greater than ever imagined. We invite you to join us this year as we aim to impact more women escaping human trafficking.

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