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A Very Special Mother's Day Collaboration

3 min read

Mother's Day Collaboration

This Mother's Day, we've partnered with the amazing Jenna Rainey of
Monvoir. Jenna's been a long-time supporter of our organization, and has designed a gorgeous watercolor print and greeting card just perfect for Mother's Day gifts.

We wanted to take a few minutes and introduce you to Jenna and her mom, Jill Fawcett, who also plays an important role in  International Sanctuary, our nonprofit. This lovely mother-daughter duo agreed to be in our Mother's Day photo shoot, and are just the cutest together! 

Meet Jenna:

Through my college, Moody Bible Institute.  International Sanctuary's President was giving a seminar there!
  • What is the most impactful thing to you about our brand?  
The mission of taking women out of human trafficking and teaching them trade to help make an income for themselves in a healthy and beneficial way. 
  • How did you get into watercolor and calligraphy?
My journey as an artist and business owner began in 2012. I had moved back to southern California from Chicago to work at a financial planning office and I really didn’t like my job, so every night after working in a cubicle, I would come home and paint. It was like my therapy and stress relief. Eventually my husband just encouraged me to start posting my work on Instagram and that’s how people started seeing my work and hiring me for little jobs like addressing envelopes in calligraphy, or doing small commissioned paintings for VERY cheap. Since then, I’ve incorporated design and custom stationery, and the opportunities and businesses I’ve been able to work with over the years has grown — I’m writing my own ‘how-to’ watercolor book that comes out this Fall with Ten Speed Press. I still get the majority of my clients and opportunities via Instagram (it’s free advertising!), but my business has tripled within the last 6-8 months alone, and we’re working with dream clients. I now have a studio manager and assistant calligrapher as well, so I get to focus more on the illustration and design, which is what I enjoy the most about my business.
  • What is one thing you would want others to know about the work that we do?  
That it saves lives and is helping women around the world create a better life for themselves!
  • What would you describe your style as?  
My style as an artist is very colorful, bold, bright with added elements of clean and natural design. 
  • What is your favorite PURPOSE piece?  
I LOVE the Journey Ring because it is very clean and minimal.
  • What does your typical day look like?  
I wake up, I work out, I drink coffee, I do admin and client work, in the afternoons I paint and then I hangout with my husband and my cats!  

Meet Jill:

I love Mexico, and have been driving down to and serving at an orphanage in Tijuana for the past 7 years. Needless to say, I have grown to know and love the kids living there. I pray often for the teenage girls, who will age out in the near future, to be educated and develop skills that will lead to jobs. Jobs that will help them avoid becoming victims of the Tijuana sex industry.

I also love PURPOSE Jewelry. I have several pieces, and wear something by them, everyday. I first heard about PURPOSE from my daughter Jenna, when she was a college freshman in 2007. She called home excited to tell me about how she had heard that they employ women in India who need jobs to escape the bondage of the sex industry. I got my first PURPOSE necklace that Christmas in 2007.

Now the cool part, about how these two loves of mine come together. Last June, my dear friend, who has been volunteering and working at  International Sanctuary, mentioned to me that they wanted to expand and open a sanctuary in Mexico. I jumped on that, and told her about my prayers for the teenage girls at the orphanage in Tijuana, and how it would be so cool if  International Sanctuary could employ them. So, I was recruited, to help open the Mexico sanctuary! I have the privilege of getting the jewelry designer to and from Tijuana, and watching her teach these young ladies jewelry making. A skill that they can use to support themselves. God answered my prayers, and I have loved getting to be involved and seeing His provision.

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