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What we are thankful for

2 min read

Thanksgiving may be over, but we never stop being thankful. At PURPOSE, we work to empower young women and girls rescued from commercial sexual exploitation. Our brand allows young women to support themselves and obtain job training and experience by creating and selling handmade jewelry. As always, we are incredibly thankful for our partners, our amazing team, and wonderful supporters. Without their help, our brand would not be as successful as it is today.

This year, we asked our team in India what they were thankful for and here’s what they said:

1. We’re thankful for the launch of The Academy

We’re excited to announce that we recently launched The Academy in Mumbai, as a part of our 2020 Vision. The Academy is a personal development program that addresses the many needs of trafficking survivors from all around the world. The Academy will provide every young woman in the program with the resources and opportunities to achieve their goals and dreams. The Academy will also help them earn an income to support growth and development. With that being said, we’re extremely thankful for the help from Alyson Holsclaw – who helped develop the three-year curriculum that currently stands as the foundation of the Academy.

2. We’re thankful for the new tools and machines that have made our jewelry production increase.

    Our team at PURPOSE is incredibly thankful for the new tools, machines, and equipment that have made our jewelry production possible. Without these new tools, we would not have been able to create enough products to match demand. Without our products, we would not have been able to provide employment and job opportunities for these young women.

    3. We’re thankful for the incredible training and mentorship from our partners in Mumbai.

      Our partners in Mumbai have provided us with the most incredible training and mentorship. We are thankful for our volunteer Academy Directors, who have offered special training and consultations to our Academy teacher. We are also blessed to have our E-tuition program that tutors and the many others who have donated time, services, consultations and supplies to our sanctuary.

      4. We’re thankful for our dedicated and talented team who work really hard and always try to support each other.

        The truth is, our mission would not be possible without the help of our dedicated, talented, and wonderful team. Teamwork has made our mission and our work a success. By working together, our team members have accomplished so much – and resiliently continue to do so. We’re thankful for all of the members on our United States team, India team, and Board of Directors for making everything we do possible.


        5. Finally, we’re thankful for our resilient participants for having faith in us – and in themselves.

        We want to thank our participants for believing in our mission. Their faith and belief keeps us going, and motivates us to aim higher. By believing in us, and in themselves, our participants give us the hope that we aim to spread around the world.

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