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Support Our Fundraiser for Human Rights in Uganda

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PURPOSE was created to empower survivors of human trafficking as well as to give a voice to those victims who are voiceless. Each piece of PURPOSE is ethically handcrafted by young women escaping human trafficking, giving them security and creative expression as well as an education, job training, and employment opportunities. Whenever a PURPOSE piece is purchased and worn, the wearer is actively showcasing hope, freedom, and change to the world, making a seemingly subtle difference that speaks volumes. Our nonprofit, International Sanctuary, seeks to empower survivors of human trafficking around the world, and we are excited to announce that we are expanding to Uganda!

As we grow, so does our ability to reach more women and girls in the heart of the human trafficking crisis. When you participate in our Uganda campaign, you are not only giving your money and time, you are giving freedom to these young women and girls.


Fighting for Human Rights in Uganda

children in Uganda

In Uganda, human trafficking is arampant issue that affects thousands of young women daily. In fact, young women are frequently trafficked across international borders throughout Africa to countries such as Kuwait in the Middle East, and even China and Thailand, one of the largest “marketplaces” for this heinous industry.

With these girls and young women being taken so far from their homes, there is often little hope for saving, survival, or even a return, making outside interference from trustworthy entities like International Sanctuary and PURPOSE a necessity. In Uganda, unemployment is at a high of 83%, making girls who are trapped in extreme poverty at high risk of being forced, tricked, and eventually sold into human trafficking every day.

While there areorganizations out there fighting to rescue these girls and young women from trafficking, we can always be doing more. One way human trafficking can be disrupted and even stopped is through economic empowerment in at risk areas. Employment opportunities can help women and girls who have been touched or threatened by human trafficking find freedom and new purpose in their lives, helping them rebuild and keeping them safe.

Wherever human trafficking exists, pain and trauma exists as well. Young women and girls who are victims of human trafficking experience thehorrifying effects of it even long after rescue and survival. Pain, difficulty or complete inability to trust, anxiety, depression, withdrawal, and even crises of identity and self-worth are just some of the repercussions human trafficking can have on a young woman’s psyche.

Though the road to recovery is long and arduous, International Sanctuary and PURPOSE want to do all that we can to help fight for human rights in Uganda and bring healing and restoration to victims of human trafficking. Through partnership with Willow International, we aim to offer employment, job training, life skills coaching, and better equip victims with the skills they need to shape a new, brighter future.

With that said, we invite you to step in and help open the doors of our sanctuary in Uganda!

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