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Pearls are in! And They’re Not Your Grandma’s Pearls

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When you think of pearls, what's the first word that comes to mind? Timeless? Classic? Elegant? Pearls tend to evoke visions of women of the past who weren't afraid to be themselves in all of their grace. And they can do the same for us today.

Today’s pearl jewelry can take a classic jewel and give it a modern twist. Whether worn as a statement piece or simple addition to your wardrobe, pearls can captivate attention and give you that classy look in any setting, from an elegant dinner party to a workplace meeting, or just a casual lunch with friends.

As 2023 approaches, we want to recognize that pearls are back and better than ever!

Why are pearls making such a big comeback? Pearls epitomize simple sophistication. They can dress up any outfit or just give you the feel of casual elegance even if you’re not going anywhere special.

Because pearls come from the sea, they are also perfect for complementing the beachy coastal vibe which is on-trend right now.

They can make you feel special no matter what you’re wearing. Pearls are natural, organic and unique, and will definitely elevate your style. Here at PURPOSE, we have made a list of accessories that are shaking fashion and re-defining how you think about pearls.

Tenere Bracelet

The Tenere Bracelet is a beautiful yet casual pearl bracelet. It embraces that simple elegance and is easy to wear.

It has three beautiful stretch bracelets of crystal beads that sparkle and shine. Each strand is unique and one features a radiant pearl.

This bracelet’s lightweight and delicate nature makes for a sophisticated yet fun look. You will love the Tenere Bracelet with any outfit, especially a beachy casual look.

Baroque Hoops


Pearl earrings aren’t just for formal balls. The Baroque Hoops bring elegance to your everyday style. These earringsfeature baroque pearls hanging from 14k gold-plated hoops.

Baroque pearls are uniquely shaped pearls, not the typical, round, spherical pearl. They have a natural, organic look which adds to their appeal. Pearls are known as the “Queen of Gems,” and we think these Baroque Hoops deserve the same applause.

Devoted Necklace

Our Devoted Necklace is a gorgeous statement piece featuring two pearls centered on stylish 14k gold-plated chains.

Like other pieces in our pearl collection it is beautifully elegant and yet can be worn every day. It is simple yet refined and would make the perfect complement to any outfit.

It also makes a great gift for brides, for anniversaries, or for your best friend. Show your devotion to yourself or a loved one with our stunning Devoted Necklace.

Faith Necklace

Necklaces don’t have to be big to be glamorous. The Faith Necklace is a delicate piece to add to your collection.

It features a single small pearl wrapped with sterling silver wire on a rhodium chain. This necklace is dainty and simple and can be worn alone or stacked with more of your favorite accessories.

If you’re looking for a beautiful necklace that embodies the minimalist aesthetic, the Faith Necklace is simply perfect. It will be your go-to piece for everyday wear and can dress up even the most casual of outfits.

Celebrate Paperclip Necklace

Paperclip necklaces are all the rage right now and our Celebrate Necklace is a very special, gold-plated, paperclip chain with a silver toggle clasp and a little something extra; a beautiful baroque pearl pendant!

The Celebrate Necklace is our 15th-anniversary piece, handmade in our Uganda Sanctuary, and was designed to celebrate 15 years of impacting the lives of women in our sanctuaries.

This necklace is a gorgeous and stylish piece that is classy and timeless. It is simply extraordinary and you will look stunning wearing it.

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