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Our Favorite Instagram Influencers Promoting Sustainability

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It seems as though the mindset of our society, in regards to purchasing habits, is trending towards more meaningful and thoughtful consumerism. People are waking up to the impact that their money can have, socially and environmentally, on our world. 

It’s often been said that “we vote with our dollars.” When we financially support companies who embrace issues we care about, that can help ensure more of that positive change in the world. This is especially true among today’s younger generations, who can be quite conscientious in where they choose to spend their money. 

This new shift of sustainable living, also called conscious consumerism, is being embraced by many. And fortunately for us, and our planet, there are some great leaders in the social media space that are helping us to live, think, and spend our money in a more sustainable way. 

When you think about living in a more sustainable way, the goal is to try to be more eco-conscious and low-impact, for the benefit of all. It’s also important to consider social justice and try to be an advocate for both people and the planet. 

Here is a list of our favorite sustainability influencers who are leading the way:

Leah Thomas

Leah Thomas, from@GreenGirlLeah is an inspiring writer and activist for social justice and environmentalism. 
In her first book,The Intersectional Environmentalist: How to Dismantle Systems of Oppression to Protect People + Planet,she explores some of the instances of environmental injustice that take place in poorer communities, simply by virtue of where they are located.

Through her blogs, she attempts to educate people about the connection between social justice and environmental issues, and advocates for the people most affected by both. She promotes living an eco-aware lifestyle and sustainability.

We would all do well to take a page out of her book and gain a broader awareness of the issues and plight of those around us and learn how we can help.

Aja Barber

A writer, stylist, activist, and consultant, Aja Barber focuses on issues that deal with race, intersectional feminism, and sustainable fashion. Aja is a strong advocate for ethical clothing and we love her spirit! 

A recent post of hers brings attention to why you should buy ethically sourced products. In her words, “ethical clothing will always cost more because it costs money to pay people fair wages.” If a company cannot guarantee that across their supply chain, you should reconsider who you support with your business. Nothing will change until we bring attention to the inequities of business practices. 

We also love that Aja buys second-hand. She is the ultimate advocate for repurposing and reusing. Take a look at her Instagram and join the sustainable revolution.

Michelle Chavez

We are proud of all the mamas out there. We know it’s a hard job and you deserve all the props! 

Michelle Chavez is not only a mom and blogger, but also a business owner, activist for anti-human trafficking, and co-owner (with her best friend) of The Tote Project, a fair trade company that makes tote bags from organic cotton. 

Everything she does has the overarching goal to empower women, especially survivors of sex trafficking, and also inspire the public to buy ethically sourced products. 

She is so inspiring in her fight to end human trafficking, the motto of the tote project is #HoldOnToHope and she says that “together we can end human trafficking worldwide.” We agree!

Michelle’s message is all about ethical fashion and a positive social impact, as is evidenced by her Instagram profile is @michelleforgood

Michelle has done all the research for us on fair trade brands to support so we can follow her lead. Check her out, you can’t help but want to make a difference with her information and inspiration.

Diandra Marizet

How much do you love it when you stumble upon a blog, or article, or even better, a person who has so much passion and knowledge about a subject or issue that you are passionate about? 

You want to hang on to every word they say (or print). We feel that way about Diandra Marizet

As the Executive Director of the Intersectional Environmentalist, Diandra partners with Leah Thomas, working to radically imagine a more equitable and diverse future of environmentalism.

Just a quick look at her social media and you will be inspired to take the journey toward intersectional environmentalism and eco-conscious sustainability. 

She is a true powerhouse and you will gain so much knowledge and inspiration from her posts. And bonus, her pictures are beautiful. Honestly, her posts are the perfect combination of beauty, encouragement, and information. Give her a follow, you’ll be glad you did.

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