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Long-Term Jobs for People Escaping Human Trafficking

2 min read

Here atPURPOSE Jewelry, we are relentlessly committed to our belief that stable jobs arekey to helping women start anew after escaping from human trafficking.

Good long-term job opportunities are extremely important for people who are starting anew after experiencing human trafficking, as they can provide a sense of stability, purpose, and independence. After experiencing the trauma of trafficking, many survivors may struggle to rebuild their lives and to find meaningful work. By providing long-term job opportunities, employers can help these individuals to gain a sense of stability and to rebuild their lives in a sustainable way.

One way that an employer can be trauma informed when hiring someone who is a survivor of human trafficking is by being aware of the impact that trauma can have on a person's behavior and functioning. Trauma can affect a person's ability to trust, to communicate effectively, and to cope with stress, among other things. As such, it is important for employers to be understanding and supportive of survivors and to provide accommodations as needed to help them succeed in their roles.

This may involve providing additional support and resources, such as counseling or access to trauma-informed therapy, or being flexible with work schedules to accommodate any challenges that the individual may be facing. It may also involve being patient and understanding if the individual is slower to learn new tasks or is struggling to adjust to the demands of their job. By being trauma informed and supportive, employers can help survivors to feel more confident and secure in their roles, which can in turn help them to rebuild their lives in a more sustainable way.

When you buyPURPOSE Jewelry, you are supporting our nonprofit International Sanctuary, focused on providing long-term employment opportunities for women who are escaping from human trafficking. When you givePURPOSE, you give freedom.

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