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Freedom & What It Means to PURPOSE Jewelry

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The United States of America has often been referred to as the Land of the Free. With Independence Day right around the corner, it is good to reflect on the concept of freedom. What does freedom mean and how does that relate to PURPOSE Jewelry?

Freedom Around the World


Halfway across the world, freedom in India looks very different from the freedom experienced in the U.S. In New Delhi, India’s capital city, more than 5,000 domestic worker placement agencies operate. These agencies have been known to sell young girls as slave labor. Additionally, the failure to provide proper working conditions is common in developing countries. In one of the many cases of worker mistreatment, on 24 April 2013, over a thousand clothing factory workers were killed and thousands more were injured when the Rana Plaza complex in Bangladesh collapsed due to the owners’ refusals to keep the building up to code.

For many in places such as India and Bangladesh, freedom means to simply survive. Consumerism in the U.S. is reflective of both U.S. freedom and the contradictory paradigm of suppression. In 2015, independent filmmakers produced a documentary titled The True Cost that highlighted the unethical practices of the U.S. fashion industry.

The documentary called out many brand-name American companies that outsourced their workers in order to avoid restrictive labor laws within the States. In many third world countries, sweatshops and factories produce products that are sold to first world citizens at the expense of the workers who are underpaid, mistreated, and often forced into labor.

Choosing Empowerment Over Mistreatment


In recent decades, many people have caught on and have joined a figurative revolution to put an end to human trafficking and unethical trades by investing their money and loyalty in companies and products that are proven to be ethical and value empowerment over mistreatment.

PURPOSE Jewelry was established with the concepts of said revolution in mind. Survivors of modern-day slavery are employed to handcraft all of PURPOSE Jewelry’s products, and 100% of the proceeds are put towards aiding International Sanctuary, a non-profit that provides holistic care for the same survivors.

Numerous other companies have dedicated their brand to the true definition of freedom. While exercising their rights in a capitalistic society, they have also made it their mission to defend the privileges of their employees.

Investing in Freedom


As Independence Day approaches, inevitably we will dwell on our nation’s history as our forefathers fought for the American ideology of freedom for all. It’s important to keep in mind that while great strides have been made, consumerism in the U.S. is still laden with unethical trade practices and that for many, the fight for freedom continues.

How can you contribute to freedom? For every handmade PURPOSE product you purchase, 100% of the proceed go towards empowering modern-day slavery survivors. This is a great opportunity to find that perfect piece of jewelry for you or a loved one, while knowing that you are helping someone in need!

Launching The Academy


We recently launched the iSanctuary Academy, our unique and comprehensive personal development program that is based on four core components – education, health care, income, and community – and is designed to support and empower trafficking survivors around the world. Click here to learn more about The Academy and how you can help!

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