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6 Ways Purchasing Our Jewelry Directly Affects The Women We Serve

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empowering women

Empowering Women in Need

With 27 million people enslaved in the world today, and only a 1% chance of a girl escaping, we at PURPOSE Jewelry are dedicated to helping every single woman we can, by giving her a second chance at life. 100% of our proceeds go to International Sanctuary, our parent non-profit organization, which provides holistic care for young women escaping human trafficking. But how do you directly affect the women we serve by purchasing our unique handcrafted jewelry?


Your Impact

Below are 6 ways you and your friends are empowering women worldwide by purchasing our beautiful handmade jewelry and continuing the conversation about ending human trafficking.


1. Medical and Dental Care

empowering women

International Sanctuary provides much needed medical and dental care to the women escaping from human trafficking. This care can be for something as minor as a check-up to life-saving procedures. By buying a necklace, you could very well save someone’s life and help her stay healthy.


2. Education

empowering women

International Sanctuary in the program with opportunities to dream of a sustainable future by setting educational and personal development goals in four core areas, while earning an income. Many girls who escape or are rescued from modern-day slavery are hindered by their lack of education and employable skills. By buying a piece of jewelry and thus giving these girls and women an education, you are opening up doors to a better future and life.


3. Scholarships

empowering women

In addition to providing education to the women they work with, International Sanctuary also provides scholarships. With these scholarships, the women are given the opportunity to further their education, either through The Academy or to attend university. These scholarships are funded by your purchases of ethically handcrafted jewelry from PURPOSE.


4. Counseling

empowering women

After experiencing the horrors of human trafficking, a woman needs a safe space to work through her experiences and feelings. International Sanctuary provides support and counseling, helping the women heal. In addition to counseling, International Sanctuary provides one-on-one mentoring and life skills training so women can confidently get back on their feet and regain independence.


5. Micro-Loans

empowering women

To regain independence, it is crucial that the survivors of human trafficking have basic financial skills and can financially support themselves. When necessary, International Sanctuary provides loans to the young women who need them. At the same time, the women are taught financial skills and are helped in opening their own bank account so that they can be financially stable and independent.


6. Employment

empowering women

Stability and routine is very important to a woman overcoming the trauma of human trafficking, and employment provides this stability. Through working for PURPOSE, these survivors receive job training and paychecks. As a result, they don’t have to worry about job searches or finances, and they can focus on their healing.


Empowering Women Worldwide

empowering women

When you purchase any item of ethically handcrafted jewelry from PURPOSE, you are directly supporting and empowering women who truly deserve it.

Thank you for changing lives for young women escaping human trafficking!

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