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An Emerging Leader in the Uganda Sanctuary

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In the Uganda Sanctuary, after participants complete their training, there are three tiers of employment available to them: Artisan Trainee, Artisan, and Artisan Mentor. Each level comes with additional responsibilities and more stringent requirements for skill levels and leadership abilities.

From day one, we knew there was something special about Jenny*. She showed up early even on the rainiest days, and always stayed late to help sweep or clean the sanctuary. Whenever she struggled with a new skill, she'd request to be assigned that task the next day so she could perfect it and teach others.

Early this year, we realized that Jenny was ready to move to Artisan Mentor. As our resident expert solderer, she's taking on the task of teaching this difficult skill to new participants while also participating in organizational roles within the sanctuary and assisting with sample-making.

Due to the diversity of tribal languages, the administrative language in Uganda is English. Jenny doesn't currently speak or write English, but will be working to improve her language skills. When she's better able to read documents, keep records, and communicate with the rest of our staff, we're hoping to create a permanent staff role for her as our jewelry teacher.

Jenny truly loves her job, and is looking forward to steady employment, an education for her daughter, and growing her family.

 *Name has been changed to keep anonymity.

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