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14 Reasons Why Fair Trade Jewelry Makes the World A Better Place

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Reasons to Purchase Fair Trade Jewelry

 There are so many reasons to purchase fair trade jewelry, orfair trade chocolate, or coffee – fair trade anything for that matter.

Fair trade is a movement that ensures producers of goods in underdeveloped or less privileged countries receive pay for their hard labor. In many instances that are not fair trade, the cost of exporting is so high and the levels of marketing so dense, that there is no money leftover to pay the people who actually make the product.

However,many ethical fashion, food and material fair trade brands exist to provide well-deserved scholarships, education, money, healthcare, or shelter to the talented folk who handmake eye-catching, tasteful products. Fair trade certainly makes the world a better place, and here are a few more reasons (other than the gorgeous, unique styles) why you should adore fair trade jewelry.

  1. Each piece of jewelry purchased supports a woman, child or man in need. For example, PURPOSE Jewelry’s proceeds go directly to their non-profit, International Sanctuary, to ensure that every artisan receives fair wages, education, health care and community. Each artisan is a survivor of human trafficking and your purchase helps them rebuild their lives and become truly free.
  2. Standards have been set to guarantee that the jewelry artisans involved with fair trade companies make profits, unlike some circumstances where artists have to compromise, barely earning a living wage. 
  3. People in need are often under-educated and have very few skills, though are not without ideas. With fair trade, they are able to create beautifully styled jewelry in addition to getting access to education, scholarships, and opportunities to create better lives for themselves.
  4. With many fair trade brands, when you purchase an item, you are also providing something in return, be it education, vision, healthcare, and more, depending on the company.
  5. There arefair trade license fees, which are then given back to each fair trade community depending upon current needs. The whole system is designed to make sure that workers are compensated fairly.
  6. Child and slave labor is strictly forbidden when it comes to fair trade, so you can make your purchase knowing that someone was not trafficked or taken advantage of.
  7. Fair tradepromotes honesty and integrity to ensure that the safest and most ethical practices are in place. Unfortunately, many current international trading rules enable the exploitation of people and countries in need. Fair trade provides a safer and healthier work environment.
  8. Products that are fair trade certified don’t use anygenetically modified materials - hence your purchase is environmentally friendly and sustainable, leaving little footprint of waste, water and energy!
  9. Say goodbye to mass-produced jewelry! Fair trade typically results in handmade, unique goods, so it’s doubtful that anyone else at your office will have the exact same necklace as you.
  10. Doesn’t it feel better to purchase something for yourself or a friend knowing you are helping more than a cute outfit? Today, there are a variety of fair trade jewelry brands you can choose from.
  11. Fair trade jewelry is typically better quality, since artisans take pride in their work and individually hand-make each piece.
  12. Fair tradeenhances entire communities, since the money you pay for your new jewelry will greatly benefit the workers who made it, allowing them to gain education, housing, healthcare, and more. This not only helps the artisans, but their families and community as well.
  13. Fair tradereduces the middleman, so more of the profits go toward the artisans, who can then invest their hard-earned money into their families and communities. 
  14. Since the artisans making the jewelry are typically in a different country, purchasing a fair trade item allows you to learn about a new culture and know more about the world you live in. Hearing the stories of others will inspire you to be more aware of cultures around the world.

There are various reasons why fair trade jewelry makes the world a better place. Your purchase directly affects lives and communities by making a purposeful purchase. The next time an outfit calls for a little more sparkle, check out one of the many fair trade jewelry options and choose something that will make you smile, knowing you are having a direct positive impact on someone else.

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