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Interview Series: Meet Amanda Tromp!

2 min read

Our PURPOSE team couldn’t do what we do without our dedicated volunteers! We wanted to take a few minutes and introduce you to Amanda Tromp, who volunteers her time as a photographer for us! She does an amazing job, and we are so thankful to have her.



1. How did you first hear about PURPOSE Jewelry, and what compelled you to want to get involved?

I found PURPOSE Jewelry through Instagram as I was searching for organizations that are using their products to fight sex trafficking. I host an awareness night for sex trafficking every other month in my home. The PURPOSE of the awareness night is to raise awareness through watching a documentary on the issue, and then giving women the opportunity to get involved. I wanted women to understand that getting involved in this cause is as easy as being conscious of what you buy. Each awareness night I host a different company that uses their products to fight trafficking.


2. What stands out to you about our organization and product?

I love the fact that PURPOSE Jewelry gives 100% of their proceeds to International Sanctuary, which then provides the care for women rescued out of trafficking. It's rare to come across companies that give 100% of their profit to the cause at hand.


3. How do you incorporate "socially conscious" into your business?

I remain socially conscious in my business by constantly seeking to work with brands and companies that are doing good and giving back. Lifestyle/product photography is my passion.


4. What do you do for fun?

For fun, haha that's a hard question because I like to think I take pictures for fun, but mainly that's my job. I love the outdoors, and I'm lucky enough to live in a state (Colorado) where playing outdoors is possible all the time. I live with my husband in Denver, and we love adventuring in the city, riding our bikes, going to the park, hiking, and reading.



5. How did you first become aware of the issue of human trafficking?

I first became aware of the issue of sex trafficking four years ago on a college campus. A traveling documentary called 'Sex + Money', was showing their film at one of the universities next to my college, and a group of my friends drove to watch it. It was an incredibly impacting documentary, and it broke my heart. Since that documentary I've watched many more, but it wasn't until I spent two weeks in Nepal and saw the impact of trafficking myself, that it finally moved me to make a difference on my own. 

All the images in this post were taken by Amanda.

To learn more about Amanda, visit her at:


IG: @amandaleetromp


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