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How to Style & Wear Long Chevron Necklaces

3 min read

Want an eye-catching piece of jewelry? How about a long chevron necklace like this one?

Chevron necklaces have been around for years. However, they have only recently become a staple for many different outfits and wardrobes, simply because they’re easy to pair and easy to style. A long chevron necklace is a classic piece that also pairs well with many different types of jewelry – like earrings and bracelets. 

In today’s blog post, we’ll be showing you how to style and wear long chevron necklaces, featuring achevron necklace made exclusively by our team at PURPOSEJewelry.

Chevron Necklace

First of All, What is PURPOSE'S Chevron Necklace?

The chevron necklace is a simple, yet sophisticated piece that adds a stylish edge to any look and outfit. This piece can be worn anytime and anywhere – whether it’s for a day at the office or for a night out with friends.

The chevron necklace features a waterfall-like design, with bars descending in a “V” shape. This piece also comes in two different colors – brass and silver, for two entirely different looks. The necklace itself is 34” long.

Our chevron necklace is unique and special because it is hand-crafted by a survivor of modern-day slavery. All profits go towards helping a survivor of human trafficking, and also towards the creation of PURPOSE'S Sanctuary. By purchasing this long chevron necklace, you’ll be able to support an organization that benefits thousands of young women all around the world. 

How Can I Style and Wear the Long Chevron Necklace?

Pairing a long chevron necklace with other pieces of jewelry is the way to go. The best pieces we’ve found that go best with the chevron necklace are the journey ring and our horizon earrings. These pieces are also handcrafted by a survivor of modern-day slavery. 

1. The Journey Ring

This ring is a minimal piece that will add a bit of shine to your fingers. Its lovely and classy design is perfect for everyone that enjoys minimalism. Like the long chevron necklace, it features a “V” shape and comes in brass and silver. This piece is also great for pairing with different outfits – whether it be for daytime or nighttime wear. The journey ring is the perfect complementary piece for PURPOSE'S long chevron necklace.  

Note: PURPOSE is currently offering a bundle deal for this piece. By purchasing both the chevron necklace and journey ring together, you’ll get a great discount. Don’t miss out!

2. Horizon Earrings

These earrings are a fairly popular piece in the PURPOSE Jewelry store. Like the journey ring, they are minimal and simple enough to pair with any outfit. These earrings feature slim bars that are pleasing to the eye and can add an extra shine to any look. The horizon earrings have a 1-½” drop and a 1” width and come in three different colors: brass, copper, and silver. These earrings are the perfect partner for the long chevron necklace.

By pairing the Chevron necklace with the journey ring or the horizon earrings, you’ll be able to create a sophisticated and timeless look. All proceeds from these pieces will also benefit survivors of modern-day slavery, so it’s a win-win. You’ll be able to look good while contributing to a great cause.

To check out these hand-crafted chevron necklaces and complete your wardrobe, make your purchase today!

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