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How To Show Your Girlfriends You Care

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Ladies, you know that there’s nothing better than your group of girlfriends; they’re there for you when you need them and they are and will be a huge part of your life for quite some time. Their constant presence in your life and their unconditional love and support is reason enough to feel like you should take a little extra time to show your girlfriends how much they are appreciated.

show your girlfriends

The right girlfriends are always there for you to lean on when you need support, gripe to when you’re having a bad day, have fun with, and spend time with. No matter what your girlfriends do for you to show how much they care, it is important to show them how much you care right back. By giving a gesture that makes it clear how much they mean to you, your friendships will grow deeper and stronger.


A Meaningful Gift

show your girlfriends

Purpose Forget-Me-Knot Cuffs are the perfect gift to show your girlfriends how much you care and how much you need them in your life. The simplicity and beauty of this jewelry piece are reason enough to gift it, but what makes this bracelet even more special is the knot symbolizing that you and your girlfriends will always be connected.

show your girlfriends

The gesture that this simple, sweet piece of jewelry makes will touch the hearts of each and every one of your girlfriends. And if you get a bracelet for yourself as well, whenever you or one of your friends looks down at her wrist, she’ll be reminded that she is always loved and supported. Not to mention how stylish everyone will be! This bracelet is truly the perfect accessory for any outfit.

In addition to the specialness that comes with the Forget-Me-Knot Cuffs is the fact that 100% of the proceeds go to our non-profit, iSanctuary, to help women rescued from modern-day slavery. We recently launched The Academy, which provides the survivors with programs relating to education, income, community, and helps assist the women in creating new lives for themselves. If the beauty and meaning weren't radiating off of this product before, now it definitely is!

show your girlfriends

Why not give your friends something that they can look at every day to be reminded of the importance of their friendships, along with the incredibly impactful donation that goes with it? Get a Forget-Me-Not Cuff for yourself as well, and you and your besties can have matching bracelets and a matching impact! Girlfriends are important, so don’t forget to let them know the positive impact they have on your life. Even better… Now through 8/1, buy one cuff, and get one 50% off! Use promo code: “BOGO” at checkout.