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Fun, Sun and Behind the Scenes of the Spring Line Photo Shoot!

2 min read

There is more than meets the eye when it comes to getting out a new fashion line. PURPOSE ™ Jewelry’s new Spring Line is no exception. There are numerous steps between coming up with the initial jewelry design concept and getting the final product out and into the hands of our wonderful customers. You’re probably thinking the most glamorous and fun part of the process is the photo shoot right? --exotic locations, beautiful models, amazing clothes etc. Not to burst anyone’s bubble, but believe it or not, this is probably one of the most tedious steps in the whole process and it takes a whole team to pull it off!

Here's the recap video:

We just want to take this moment to recognize and thank those who gave so much and have made our latest photo shoot look effortless and, well…picture perfect! To our incredible graphic designer, Lindsey Malcolm, we thank you for always coming up with insanely creative ideas and executing them flawlessly!   We are so grateful to you for working those extra long hours to help meet our new line launching dates.

We would also like to give a special shout out to the behind the scenes team who put out an incredible photo spread of our 2016 Spring Line! Thank you to Rod Foster, our awesome photographer who was able to capture our models in just the right lighting and perfect poses. His creative eye allowed our jewelry to sparkle and shine against the beautiful Laguna Beach backdrop. We also want to thank hair and makeup stylist, Mariah Jones (@mariahdieseljones) for her expertise in bringing out the true beauty of our models. And, of course, we would like to thank our stunning models from Brand Model and Talent Agency for making it all look so easy and natural while smiling, holding a pose and trying not to let a wave crash down on them! Thank you to our friends at Elison Rd. for lending us their gorgeous clothing! And lastly, we are so grateful to The Dizzy Daisy for providing such beautiful bouquets for our shoot!

Thank you everyone for making this a memorable and successful shoot! Don’t forget our 2016 Spring Jewelry Line is available for purchase online. Stay tuned for our next shoot coming soon!