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Behind the Scenes of our Autumn Collection Photo Shoot!

2 min read

Each season represents a fresh start, a new perspective and the opportunity for change. With the collaboration of our recently hired Jewelry Designer, April Stream, this collection has a stunning mixture of pieces that are effortlessly modern. 
The collection is called "Cold Hands, Warm Hearts". It was inspired by the beauty of nature and the adventures that await, as well as the warmth you will carry through the seasons...knowing that you are changing lives. 
Everything from the hues of the stones to the names of each piece speak to the splendor of the outdoors. We wanted the photo shoot to reflect this theme, so we traveled up the mountains to Big Bear Lake. There we captured the crisp air and swirling leaves of autumn by the banks of the water, exploring in canoes and wandering through the woods. For winter we went for a cozier feel with a peaceful wood cabin. Snuggled up next to the fire side we watched the snow flurries dance outside. The photo shoot speaks to the magic of these seasons before us, and the wearability of each piece as you adventure through life. We would love to introduce you to our amazing team, and give you a behind the scenes look at the shoot!
We are so grateful for the immense talent each team member possesses, and the amount of work they put in to make this photo shoot so beautiful. Their dedication to the cause and to the women we serve is truly inspiring! Make sure to take a look at the amazing shots and shop the brand new Autumn '16 Collection here