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Walk Alongside a Survivor by Giving



Dear Friends of PURPOSE Jewelry,

In the past two years, 30,686 pieces of PURPOSE Jewelry have been created and sold worldwide. 60 young women are on the road to reintegration and recovery all because of YOU. Whether you have been with us from the beginning or recently joined us, we want to thank you for your support!

100% of proceeds from your purchase of PURPOSE Jewelry go to International Sanctuary, empowering survivors of human traffi­cking to live a life of freedom and PURPOSE.

Since 2007, International Sanctuary has helped over 500 young women rebuild their lives through healthcare, counseling, employment and education opportunities.

Survivors work within the social enterprise, PURPOSE Jewelry, producing handmade jewelry, managing inventory, and gaining confidence. At International Sanctuary, we work tirelessly every day to provide hope and dignity to survivors of human trafficking.

When you purchase a beautiful piece of jewelry, your impact goes well beyond that one transaction. When you wear that necklace, bracelet, earring, or ring you wear freedom and you wear PURPOSE.

Your purchase not only empowers women to dream big, but it also helps them take steps to make their dreams a reality. Their aspirations go far beyond the walls of our sanctuaries; there are dreams of marriage and starting a family, dreams of being a lawyer and dreams of building careers.

Because of your support, dreams have come true and new dreams are beginning.

The courageous young women of International Sanctuary are:

  • Pursuing higher education through our Academy.
  • Taking on positions of professional leadership.
  • Becoming teachers, bookkeepers, and even studying in law school.
  • Getting married and having babies.

We are so grateful you choose to support survivors through donations or purchasing PURPOSE Jewelry and gifts. You have already made an imprint on our mission, but now we invite you to take the next step to help International Sanctuary provide hope, PURPOSE, and healing to survivors.

Please join us as we together reach women rescued from human tra­fficking on a global scale. You are not only the backbone of this organization, YOU are the vehicle to reaching young women in Uganda, India, and the Philippines. The women in these countries who are trapped in the hopelessness and despair of an uncertain future are counting on us.

It has been over 15 years since our co-founders dreamed of creating a business to help survivors of human traffi­cking earn an income.

Your $32 donation can provide one day of freedom to a woman employed by International Sanctuary.  Walk alongside them on their journey to freedom.

Give Today!

We are forever grateful for your support. Our efforts would not be possible. Thank you for saving and impacting lives of women escaping human trafficking!