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Your Jewelry Style Guide for the Clean Girl Aesthetic

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The newest trend that’s taking TikTok by storm is the “Clean Girl Aesthetic.” It is exemplified by a simple clean style that looks natural, youthful, and fresh. It’s an affordable and effortless look that anyone can achieve.

The Clean Girl Aesthetic is understated and comfortable, yet classic and polished. The color palette is typically neutral and muted; think creams, whites, and pastels. Hairstyles are simple and a slick pulled-back bun is a popular look. Make-up is light, dewy, and youthful.

Wearing gold-toned jewelry is a key component of the Clean Girl Aesthetic. If you want to purchase ethical handmade jewelry that embodies this trend, here are a few of our favorite options.

Daisy Earrings

The Daisy Earrings look great when you pull your hair back. They are sweet, simple, elegant, and tasteful. With scalloped edges, they bring a little extra style to the ordinary hoop earring, giving you that something “extra,” without being overdone. The Daisy Earrings are a perfect compliment to your clean girl look. They are ethically handmade with a satin-brushed finish in brass.

Ripple Studs

Delicate, yet eye-catching, the Ripple Studs gently curve to hug your ear. These studs are lightweight and can be paired or worn alone for a simple look. Pair these studs with one of our paperclip necklaces such as the Frolic Paperclip Necklace or the Swing Paperclip Necklace.

Allure Cuff


Whether you are going to brunch, working from home, or hanging with friends, it just feels good to be put together. The Allure Cuff is a simple bracelet cuff that easily slides onto the wrist and instantly elevates any outfit. You can feel good about wearing this cuff too because it is handmade by women escaping human trafficking. It is a delicate bracelet and can be worn alone or paired with other simple bracelets.

Frolic Paperclip Necklace

What’s more on-trend than a paperclip chain? Our Frolic Paperclip Necklace is one of the newest chains in our jewelry collection. It comes in shiny gold-plated or silver-plated brass. Wear your Frolic Paperclip Necklace alone for a simple statement piece, or pair with the Swing Paperclip Necklace for a layered look. Either way, simple has never looked so good.

Journey Ring

When accessorizing, don’t forget about rings! Simple thin rings most embody the Clean Girl Aesthetic. Our Journey Ring is a simple yet stylish ring that will be a beautiful compliment to any outfit. It can be worn alone or stacked with more of your favorite rings. But remember, when you’re leaning into the Clean Girl Aesthetic, less is more.

Pomegranate Lip Smoothie


The Clean Girl Aesthetic also espouses an emphasis on skincare. The look is effortless, natural, and fresh. For a low-fuss way to achieve dewy lips, we recommend our Pomegranate Lip Smoothie to keep your lips hydrated and supple. Our Lip Smoothies are made by our friends at Thistle Farms, a social enterprise dedicated to helping women survivors by providing a safe place to live, a meaningful job, and lifelong support.

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