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Why Geometric Jewelry May Be Our Favorite Jewelry Trend Right Now

2 min read

Geometric jewelry is bold, architectural, and looks great day or night. We love this trend!

If you’re seeking some geometric accessories, here are some great options from PURPOSE Jewelry.


Our versatile Chevron Necklace is one of our most popular items.

This statement necklace hangs low with a waterfall finish. It’s intricately designed and catches the eye. The Chevron Necklace is available in a gold or silver-tone.

Embrace a triangular aesthetic with this best-seller.


Next, we have yet another triangular-shaped duo. Channel a sophisticated and artful look with our new Panache Earrings, which make a bold art deco statement. These higher-end earrings are available in either 14k gold or sterling silver.

This playful pair can be worn with any style. Add an element of elegance and glam to your outfit with this accessory.


Introducing our Karoo Earrings! With a boho + retro feel, these will be your go-to earrings whenever you want to stand out.

These earrings are shaped and hammered by hand, and then hand-signed by the woman who made your jewelry. Affordably priced at $32, you can rest assured that you’re funding a full day of freedom for a woman making PURPOSE Jewelry when you buy the Karoo Earrings.

This whimsical design pays tribute to squares and rectangles, adding a bold punch to any outfit.


Are you a fan of circles? The Embrace Necklace features two interlocking hoops, creating a minimalistic and chic design.

The two circles represent the inseparable bond between two souls, held together in an everlasting embrace. Level up your circular look by pairing this necklace with our Halo Studs.


The Jojoba Earrings are a one-of-a-kind pair. Featuring intricate detailing and a 4” drop, these earrings are perfect to wear when you want to make a stand for freedom. All of our jewelry is handmade by women who are finding freedom and independence after escaping from human trafficking.

This funky geometric design catches the eye and takes your look to the next level; that’s why this is one of our favorites!


Looking for a ring that follows this geometric trend? You may love the Geo Ring. We love a good honeycomb pop.

With a unique hexagon design, the Geo Ring is a stylish addition to your accessory collection. This ring is a part of our Premier Line and is available in either 14k gold or rhodium. It can be worn alone or stacked with more of your favorite rings.

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