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We Partner with Joyya to Create Jewelry Pouches with a PURPOSE

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Why do we choose Joyya to make our PURPOSE Jewelry pouches?

Our PURPOSE pouches are ethically handmade by women working at Joyya, a company that is creating opportunities where little is found for women escaping human trafficking and poverty in Kolkata, India.

Why are we passionate about working with another ethical company?

At the core of who we are stands the mission to celebrate ethical beauty, strong communities, and purchases that make an impact. We know that Joyya is a sister company that works to end and prevent slave labor used to produce products.

We partner with Joyya to craft our jewelry pouches because we believe together we can help break the cycle of human trafficking and poverty.

What materials make up the Joyya pouches?

Joyya pouches are handmade by women who use eco-friendly techniques and 100% organic cotton. The PURPOSE logo is printed with ink that is made up of dyes and inks that are environmentally friendly. 

What do we love most about the pouches?

The pouches are part of the PURPOSE gift that keeps on giving. 

When you purchase with PURPOSE you give the gift of beauty, community, and impact because the jewelry and the pouches are handmade by women escaping human trafficking.  

We are so grateful for our partnership with Joyya. Together we are stronger!

Watch the journey the artisans take to craft the beautiful pouches that hold your PURPOSE Jewelry.

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