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10,000 Miles with PURPOSE

1 min read

With your help, we are raising awareness and funding for survivors of human trafficking around the world. Join our global community from for the month of April as we work together to collectively achieve logging 10,000 miles of activities through our MILES WITH PURPOSE event.


  1. Take a 5 mile hike with your kids or grandkids

  2. Jump in the pool for a long swim every morning for ten days

  3. Walk through your neighborhood and count your miles

  4. Bike a new trail- 1 mile or 50, your call!

  5. Go stand-up paddle-boarding and enjoy a beautiful day on the water

  6. Hit the track for a leisurely jog or challenge yourself to some sprints

  7. Walk to your local coffee shop instead of driving and count those miles!

  8. Grab a kayak and race your friends (or the clock)

  9. Wheelchair around your neighborhood and track your distance

  10. Find a long flight of stairs and tackle it every day for ten days




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