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The Fashion Girls are All Layering Jewelry. Here’s How to Join Them

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To achieve this look, you’ll want to mix and match lots of different styles together. Try experimenting with different charms and chain lengths. You can even mix gold with silver. As for bracelets, you can stack many different styles together; the more the merrier!

We know it can be confusing to figure out the best execution of new trends. If you want a little help figuring out how to stack your necklaces, rings, and bracelets in a fashion-forward way, read on.


Layering different styles and lengths of necklaces can truly update your look. Start with a short necklace, then layer a medium length one, and then a longer necklace, each one spaced a few inches apart, allowing each piece to stand out.

The eye naturally wants to look at a clean, not messy, grouping of chains. So, when stacking necklaces, go for a moderately minimalistic look.

Here, our model exemplifies how to layer six jewelry pieces.

Like this look? Our model is wearing our Infinity Necklace in gold tone, paired with two paperclip necklaces; the gold toned Frolic Necklace and the longer Swing Necklace. She’s complementing these necklaces with the Infinity Bracelet, the Radiant Ring, and the Infinity Ring.

This grouping has a minimalistic aesthetic, pulled together in a clean and put together look.


When wearing multiple necklaces, you may notice that the chains can get tangled together.

To keep your layers neat and tidy, we recommend our affordable Layering Clasp. They come in gold or silver tones and each necklace attaches to the back of the clasp so they stay in place and don’t get twisted.

The clasp is magnetic so the necklace grouping is easy to take on and off, and bonus - you can switch out one or two to keep the same look with different pieces.


Our Devoted Necklace features two light-weight 14k gold chains and two genuine pearls.

This necklace is elegant and makes layering easy because it’s actually one necklace. The shorter chain is attached to the longer one giving it the appearance of two different necklaces. They are even different chains, with the shorter one being a more dainty chain with small gold beads.

If you want the layered look without the bother of actually picking out more than one necklace, the Devoted Necklace is perfect. And, it will complement any outfit, whether elegant and classy or just casual and comfortable.

Our Tenere Bracelet is a beautiful, simple stack that we recommend wearing with our Devoted Necklace, as they are both made with the same freshwater pearls.

These bracelets were handcrafted with love in our India Sanctuary. The Tenere Bracelet features three strands of gold crystal and brass beads and a single pearl adding an element of shine to your everyday, or evening attire.

The number of combinations you can make pairing and layering your jewelry are endless.

We predict that this trend will stay around for years to come as its popularity keeps growing. When you are in need of a good stack, you know where to find us!