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How to Throw the Perfect Sustainable and Socially Conscious Wedding

3 min read

Your wedding day is one of the happiest days of your life. It’s the start of a beautiful adventure and life for you and your partner. What could make your special day even more meaningful? Knowing that it’s an environmentally friendly and socially conscious wedding! 

There are plenty of ways to create a wedding that gives back – from the invitations you send out to the dress you wear as you walk down the aisle. Here are some of our best sustainable wedding ideas to help make your special day even more meaningful.


The Invite

conscious weddingPhoto Source: Caroline Creates

Having your invitations printed on recycled card stock is a great first step to creating a sustainable wedding. There are plenty of earth-conscious companies that create the cards you have in mind – while still giving back to our planet. Caroline Creates, a line of greeting cards, stationary, and gift products, prints on recycled card stock and uses envelopes containing 30% post-consumer waste. Not only that, but they also donate a percentage of sales toward conservation, replanting, and environmental education programs.


That Delicious Wine

conscious weddingPhoto Source: One Hope's Instagram

There’s nothing better than sipping on an exquisite bottle of wine during your special day, so why not add giving back to the mix make it even better? Companies like One Hope sell amazing wine products that also pay it forward and donate to dozens of charities. Purchasing from a company like this can help save our planet, end hunger, provide clean water, help children with autism, end global disease, fund pet adoptions, fight against breast cancer, and educate girls – to name a few. A glass of wine never sounded so good.


A Beautiful Dress

conscious wedding
Photo Source: Celia Grace's Instagram

When getting married, you want your dress to not only be beautiful but to highlight how gorgeous you already are. For your special day, you want your dress to be special and unique but also ethically made.

While not quite common knowledge, most wedding dresses are made from petroleum-based polyester that pollutes the air, water, and earth. No one wants that! That’s why companies like Celia Grace make their dresses with the purpose of reducing our environmental footprint by using handmade, natural fibers. Celia Grace gowns are unique rather than mass-produced and are handmade and silk woven on traditional looms.


Purposeful Jewelry

conscious wedding

For your accessorizing needs, as well as the perfect bridesmaid gifts for your girlfriends, you want items that further highlight the specialness of your day, but also show how much your girlfriends mean to you.

Products like our Unity, Infinity, and Forget-Me-Knot cuff bracelets are ethically handmade pieces of jewelry that will beautifully accent you and your bridesmaids, as well as make a positive impact on the world. When purchasing our handcrafted jewelry, you are helping educate and empower survivors of human trafficking. PURPOSE Jewelry is entirely based around empower survivors of human trafficking and is the perfect company to accessorize your sustainable wedding.


The Best Type of Gifts

conscious wedding

Another idea to throw the socially conscious wedding of your dreams is to ask for donations to you and your partner’s favorite charities in lieu of actual gift items. Going this route will give your guests the chance to give back and add an extra dose of meaningful to your wedding.

Whether you passionate about saving animals, protecting the environment, or empowering survivors of human trafficking, the options are limitless. Choose the organization that hits closest to home for you.


Your Special Day

conscious wedding

With these ideas to help you create the perfect sustainable and socially conscious wedding, your special day will be even more so with the knowledge that you and your friends and family are not only celebrating love but also making a positive impact on the world. It’s time to celebrate!