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Teacher Gift Guide

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It's time to celebrate an amazing year and thank all of the hardworking teachers in your life.
The school year is over and it's time to celebrate the educators we love most! We believe in giving back to the hard working people out there in our schools. Our handmade jewelry makes the perfect gift that gives back. Here's some jewelry we recommend that would make an amazing gift for those incredible teachers that have positively influenced your life or the life of your child.
If you have a favorite teacher in mind we have the perfect gift that is perfect for summer vacation! What a better way to honor the impact that your educator has had on your life than with the Honor Cuff?
Parents, your child has been in the best care this year! Think of all of the laughs and wisdom that was shared along the way. Teachers really do love their students to infinity and beyond. Encased in our infinity necklace, is a relationship that will never break.
For a gift that stands out, we suggest our Daisy Hoop earrings! Make a bold statement with your new floral gift choice. These earrings are so versatile, and they're perfect for any occasion in school or out.
Millions of schools means millions of teachers, but we know that every teacher is one of a kind! The Tenere Bracelet consists of delicately placed gold toned beads with one single pearl to symbolize the one amazing teacher you hold close to your heart. This bracelet also radiates beach vibes!
The Panache earrings are made for an extra special educator. These lightweight earrings come plated in 14k or Sterling Silver and were handmade with love. They come packaged in a beautiful box and represent the appreciation and love that goes into living for others.
Educators make great sacrifices, so be sure to send them off for the summer with something they’ll love!
“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.” – Benjamin Franklin