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Staff Jewelry Picks

2 min read

We asked our staff, "What is your favorite piece of PURPOSE Jewelry and why?"

Here's what they said:

Talitha, COO

"I love the Allure Cuff. It's extremely comfortable to wear and never loses its shine, I love how this bracelet feels both minimalistic and fashion-forward, it looks great with every outfit."

Kat, Graphic Designer & Social Media Coordinator

"The Galaxy Studs are my personal favorites. They are a statement stud that fuels my space obsession!"

Emily, Designer

"Jasmine Drops. I love long earrings and the color green has been my favorite since I was a toddler. The eco-friendly aspect puts them over the top for me - raw brass that can be easily re-polished, and recycled glass!"

Yomna, PURPOSE Assistant Manager

"The Jasmine Short Necklace is my favorite piece. It strikes the perfect balance between being minimal and a statement and can absolutely be dressed up or down. Plus it's green which has always been my color so I particularly love that it adds a pop of green to my outfits."

Jan, Customer Care

"I like the Halo Bracelets! They are easy to slip on and are really comfortable, and they go well with any casual outfit! Plus, they pair well with the Halo studs which are really cute!"

Kathy, long time volunteer

"The Celebration Necklace. The paper clip chain makes it fresh and current, and the pearl gives it a classic look. It is versatile enough to complement anything from jeans and a t-shirt to a date night outfit. My favorite classic is the solstice earrings because they are a unique take on classic hoops."

Rachel, Fulfillment

"The Stone Drop Earrings and Necklace in silver, they are delicate, beautiful and go with many combinations of styles."

Sunshine, Office Manager

"My favorite are the Desert Drops. These go with everything, they compliment both casual, or dressy elegant styles, and are lightweight. I love the beautiful clear beaded detail that adds a little sparkle to any look and thinking of the amazing women who created it."

Deanne, PURPOSE Manager

"My favorite is the Trust Necklace because I love knowing the beads are individually attached and a lot of work goes into this piece. I also love the handmade cross!"

Shannon, Finance & Administration

"Shimmer Hoops. They are simple enough to dress down but the shimmer allows me to dress them up. Perfect versatile piece."

Kellie, Wife of CEO

"My favorites are the Shimmer Hoop Earrings. I love them because they go with everything. They are lightweight, can be dressed up or down, and have a little bit of spark! My second favorite would be the Honor Cuff. Again, goes with everything, super lightweight and is the perfect balance of feminine and masculine for any outfit."

Rose, Volunteer

"The Infinity Necklace was the first piece I ever bought and it's my favorite. It complements lots of other PURPOSE jewelry pieces, and I like the symbolism."