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Tips to Perfecting Boho Chic While Making a Difference

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boho chic

As far as styles of fashion go, boho chic has been rising higher and higher on the popularity scale for decades. With parts bohemian and parts chic, boho chic draws on various influences – combining organic, colorful, detailed, folk-inspired pieces with simple, modern pieces in order to create a vintage style made for the modern era. Bohemian chic is the perfect style for a glamorous, fashion-forward summer. August or not, it’s never too late to embrace the trend and transition into autumn with a stylish flair.

 Finding Your Inner Boho     

There are many different tips and tricks out there to help you master the growing trend of boho chic, along with plenty of unique options to help make it your own.

First thing first – colors. Colors are a key factor for the bohemian chic sensation. With rich and warm colors such as brown, cream white, khaki, and olive green providing the perfect boho chic color palette – you can also build in some gold, silver, gray, dark red, and any other vibrant colors you love for an added touch of your own personality.

Finding the Perfect Accessories

One you’ve found the palette you love, it’s time to focus on some details that make bohemian chic styles all the rage. Things such as layering, mixing oversized clothes with fitted clothes, and maybe even adding your own exotic touch will create a boho chic style while still giving you room to add a personal touch to your outfits. A large part of finalizing the perfect outfit also involves finishing it off with the perfect accessories.

The Vale Necklace, made up of asymmetric strands and a column of delicately hammered arrows, is a great addition to any outfit. Pair this piece with a maxi dress, gladiator sandals, and a belt at the waist to bring out your inner boho.

boho chic

For added glam, you can pair the Vale Necklace with our Aztec Earrings. With a hammered arrow as the focal point, these gorgeous earrings are a fun and modern twist on the classic drop earring.

boho chic

Another option for an effortless and chic look is to pair the Aztec Earrings with a white flowery crop top and high waisted olive green pants or light denim jeans. A perfect outfit that easily transitions from day to night!

boho chic

You can’t go wrong with the Zinnia Necklace, it’s so versatile and adds an extra touch of style to any look. This handcrafted necklace is perfect when paired with a forest green top and your favorite harem pants. With its classic bohemian shaped arrows, no wonder this necklace is a boho-favorite!

boho chic

Our Aztec Studs are the perfect go-to earrings for the girl who’s interested in being boho chic, but without too much effort. Adding these hand-hammered metal earrings to any of your outfits adds an automatic chic factor. For extra bohemian flair, add a flower crown!  

 Being Boho Chic + Making a Difference

No matter how you style these gorgeous pieces, being boho chic is inevitable! At the end of the day, the ultimate style comes from being yourself; and knowing that by wearing your timeless jewelry you’ve had a positive impact on someone else makes dressing up even more worthwhile. With every PURPOSE Jewelry item, you are making an important contribution to helping empower women around the world.

Handcrafted by survivors of modern-day slavery, 100% of the proceeds of every item of jewelry sold go directly to empowering our survivors. With our recently launched Academy, we provide the women space and opportunity to receive education, healthcare, communal support and more. 

We believe that looking great while simultaneously helping others is the ultimate wow-factor. With PURPOSE jewelry, you can be boho chic and PURPOSEfully chic. It’s time to look good and help the world. What are you waiting for? 

boho chic

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