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Purpose's New Spring Collection!

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After a long, cold winter, Purpose is setting out to begin anew with ourSpring collection. Each Spring, we are given the opportunity to start over and begin again, claiming a beautiful process of transformation that allows us to shed the old and embrace the new.

As an organization that fights for survivors of human trafficking to have a new start, We feel that our Spring collection offers more than our beautiful, handcrafted creations from survivors—it offers hope, freedom, and another chance to make a tangible difference in the lives of survivors everywhere. This Spring, begin anew by wearing freedom and showcasing Purpose.

The Spring Collection

Our new line is a mixture of fun, playful pieces that are as elegant as they are versatile. The collection sports the following styles:


  • Geometric Shapes: 2017 is all about minimalist style, which is why Purpose has included classic, yettrendy geometric shapes into the pieces that make up our new spring collection. These simple and sophisticated designs add a little something extra to any outfit.

  • Cute and In-style Chokers: There’s nothing sweeter or more eye-catching than a charming choker. Our Spring collection offers some fun and trendy chokers that can dress any outfit up or down. Choose from ourLola choker, a simple piece that comes in gold or silver, or our coastal choker, a modest statement piece that showcases some of our most charming gems and stones! Prices are $20 and $26 respectively.

  • Lariat: Enjoy this elegant piece that adds a touch of style and personality to even the simplest outfit. OurLariat is one of our Spring collection favorites. Again, we’re keeping up with the minimalist style with these super chic pieces. You can grab them for under $40!

  • Chic Stud Earrings: You can never go wrong with a pair of classic studs, and we are loving our new stud designs! Staying on the minimalist vein of design, our Spring collection showcases ourBalance earrings and rise studs, coming in at $28 and $22 respectively. These pieces come in gold and silver, and offer a clean touch to your look.

  • Mixed Metal Statement Pieces: Spring is the perfect time for statement pieces, and Purpose’s new collection offers only the best. Choose from our Maya necklace,Azure necklace, Maya earrings, Brenn earrings, Aveline cuff, and Laguna cuff to add a touch of style to any outfit. These pieces give a little something extra and allow even your most casual days to be at the height of style. Each of these pieces can be yours for just under $40!

  • Linear Pieces: Long, clean lines no doubt add elegance to your look, and our Spring collection has quite a few pieces that follow this design. Simple jewelry pieces can be just as dramatic, if not more than your standard statement piece. If you’re looking for something charming and simple, our linear pieces are the right choice for you. OurBrenn earrings, Voyager Necklace, and balance necklace are some of our top choices, and you can get them for under $30 each.

  • Rings: Our most popular ring from the Spring collection is theCurrent ring, a stylish minimalist piece that comes in gold and silver. This ring is simple enough to be worn with any outfit every day, and can also add a sense of luxury to even the fanciest outfits. Pick one up for just $20.

At PURPOSE, we are proud to sell gorgeous pieces that come with a message. When you wear PURPOSE, you’re wearing freedom, hope and change. Our Spring collection invites you to bloom, flourish and begin anew this season, and we hope you enjoy our latest creations.

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