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Our New Autumn Collection: ‘Cold Hands, Warm Hearts’

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“Cold Hands, Warm Hearts”

This simple phrase has inspired our Autumn 16’ collection line by showing that seemingly simple acts can have lasting effects in the world, as well as within yourself.

At PURPOSE, we create pieces that are beautiful but also have a deeper meaning. We want our pieces to be stylish and beautiful, but we also want them to be something more, something that goes deeper than beauty.

The line is full of pieces that can be worn as you are out and about this fall and winter, either on your adventures or simply through the routines of your everyday life. Wherever you go and whatever you do, our pieces can go along with you, as well as the inner warmth they bring knowing you have made a difference.

Wearing a PURPOSE item is so much more than just a fashion statement – it is a statement and a testament to difference makers, and how even the smallest acts can make the biggest impact.

Bringing Warmth and Purpose

Our Autumn 16’ collectionline speaks to the aesthetic of the seasons. Pops of turquoise, hints of blush and grey, a touch of sparkle, and beautiful pearl statement pieces make up the jewelry of “Cold Hands, Warm Hearts.” The color scheme, gems, and precious stones used in this line reflect the chill of fall and winter while giving a hint of warmth and shine. Each piece is named for nature, pulling inspiration from the outdoors, the seasons themselves, and gorgeous natural settings. With these pieces, you’ll hold an inner beauty in your heart knowing that purchasing any item will continue to make a difference long after fall and winter have ended.


Check Out the Line

Delicate and beautiful,this collection of handcrafted jewelry will make any outfit pop with color, style, and class! Some of our pieces include:

The thin hoops wrap around gently, ending in a beautiful, thinstrip ofmetal that gently hang alongside the neck.

Stylish and simple, the Coin Studs truly do look like little dimes pressed to the skin. Their refined design makes them theideal companion to any outfit – whether you want to dress up or down.

Thin, simple design makes up the Wander necklace. A delicate gold chain ending in a pop of bright turquoise, this piece can be worn with the simplest or the most intricate outfits. Perfect for work or a night out, this piece compliments just about any outfit!

Looking for a statement piece that completes your outfit? The Crystalline Necklaces offer a simple touch of class that can’t be missed. The Sparkle Necklace is sure to be eye-catching, while the Pearl Necklace offers a refinedlook that can go anywhere and with any outfit.

Check out the new line here! You can also learn more about our purpose as an organization, our role as difference makers in the world, and our mission to make positive change through beautiful pieces of jewelry.

“Cold Hands, Warm Hearts” speaks to the movement that though something may seem one way on the outside, its significance and meaning can have a huge impact on the inside.

Shop PURPOSE today, and see what a difference your actions can make!

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