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Choker Necklace


Trends from the 90's are back – and that includes the revival of the choker! Chokers are a type of necklace that actually date back to the late 1800s. Fun fact: These pieces of jewelry were typically only worn by upper class women and were used to represent protection and power. Chokers became extremely popular in the 90s, but fell out of style in the following years. However, chokers have made a comeback in recent fashion trends!

What kind of choker styles are there?

Chokers come in a variety of different styles. Instead of dangling, chokers typically surround and encompass the skin. Some chokers are as simple as solid colored bands, while others are adorned with jewelry. Some chokers are minimal, while others are extravagant. Chokers can be used to dress up or dress down – it all depends on personal preference.

PURPOSE Jewelry Chokers

We are so excited to have two fun chokers: the Coastal Choker in turquoise and black and the trust necklace. Like the other pieces of jewelry made at PURPOSE, these chokers are handcrafted by survivors of human trafficking. Each piece is created to empower young women and supports their journey to freedom. All proceeds for jewelry purchases contribute to creating International Sanctuary, our nonprofit that provides care and resources to the young women we serve.

Let’s take a look at the Coastal Choker!

Coastal Choker

Choker Necklace

The Coastal choker is a simple choker adorned with circular turquoise or black beads. Each individual bead is hand strung and carefully constructed to make this complete choker. The Coastal choker combines colored beads with a golden chain and features a smooth 1” metal bar pendant. It also features a 6 ½” drop and has a 3” extender (for adjustments).

This choker makes a great accent piece and works with all different types of outfits – from simple to dressy. It can be worn with jeans and a simple t-shirt for the day and can be paired with a dress for a night out. At $26, this necklace is a steal! This choker also pairs well with a longer brass necklace such as the Chevron Necklace and any of our brass earrings. We love the look of the coastal choker and horizon earrings! Together, these pieces perfectly complement each other for a polished, minimal look.

 Our Trust Necklace is the same as the Coastal except it features a cross instead of the bar. It has red beads and pairs will with our kindle bracelet. 

The choker trend is back and with our new pieces you can join the trend too! Purchase a choker today, and contribute to a greater cause. It’s a purchase you can feel good about.

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