How to Have the Best Summer Vacation Style

summer vacation style

It’s hard to look chic when traveling. Getting up early for flights, going through security, and sitting on a stuffy plane for hours can make it difficult to look cute—or want to. Sometimes, travelling makes us consider if we can get away with wearing our pajamas in public. But wearing PJ’s on the plane means having to take time out of your first day to get ready before hitting the beach or grabbing dinner, and when it comes to vacation, you need to soak up every glorious minute! Here are a few ways to have the best summer vacation style when you are on the go and may not be able to pack much!


When In Doubt, Jewelry

Jewelry is such an easy way to effortlessly dress up an outfit. If you are on a trip where you weren’t able to pack much and may be recycling outfits, switching up your jewelry can make a previously worn outfit have a whole different style and feel completely new. Jewelry is the ultimate summer vacation style hack—it takes up almost no room in a suitcase, can be placed in a carry-on, and is guaranteed to make you look chic and stylish. Here are some fun options we’ve put together as must-haves for your next vacation:


Terra Gold Hoops

These gold hoops are reminiscent of the sun shining down, or the golden sand on a tropical beach, which makes them perfect for your getaway. Both intricate and simple, these earrings can be worn everywhere from the poolside to dinner to a night on the town.



Dawn Drops

Like the back of a turtle’s shell or the waves of the ocean, these Dawn Drop earrings are a stylish summer vacation style essential. The cascading turquoise crystal beads remind us of sea foam washing onto soft sand in the morning and rushing between our toes. Pair these earrings with white jeans, wedges, and a lightweight blouse to be instantly ready for an elegant dinner by the seaside.


Dusk Drops

The midnight color of the cascading beads on these earrings makes them versatile and sophisticated. Because of their neutral color, they can be paired with anything and seamlessly tie an outfit together. Try pairing these earrings with a woven sun hat and white bikini—your beach attire will jump from simple to styled.


Whether you’re only planning on packing a carry-on bag or stuffing a suitcase until it is just barely under the 50-pound travel limit, jewelry is a must-have on your packing list. Not only will it enhance your summer vacation style almost effortlessly, it will allow you to do it in under a minute. Even better, with Purpose Jewelry, you know that the handcrafted jewelry you are wearing is not only beautiful but that your purchase is directly helping free and empower survivors of modern-day slavery. Earrings in, smile on, ready to have some summer fun!

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