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Trunk Show Ideas for the Fall & Winter

Posted on 29 September 2016

Cloudy days, rosy cheeks, and beautiful leaf strewn walks make beautiful pieces of jewelry standout against outfit in only the way nature can. Snowy trees, pearlescent sky, and cozy sweaters also make an excellent backdrop for gorgeous statement necklaces, cute earrings, bracelets, and more.

To spread the word about these great pieces, jewelry trunk shows for both fall and winter are a great way to raise awareness (and sales!) of perfect pieces that complete any fall and wintry outfits.

A PURPOSE jewelry trunk show is also a great way to catch up with friends, meet with potential clients, and learn all you can about the latest style trends. What’s more, you can combine your jewelry trunk show with other fun fall and winter activities, shaking things up in the process.

Not sure how to host your jewelry trunk show? These ideas can help!

Planning Your Jewelry Trunk Show for Fall and Winter

Before getting into planning your trunk show, it’s important to clarify just what this event is. In short, a trunk show is a way of selling PURPOSE jewelry to your friends, family, colleagues, and more. It’s a simple opportunity that allows you to do business and have fun, while also making a positive impact in today’s world. A display of precious pieces, a gathering of great people, and a way to make an impact for a good cause, a jewelry trunk show, especially when you’re selling PURPOSE Jewelry, does all kinds of good!

How it Works

A trunk show is actually fairly simple and easy to do. First, you are provided with a trunk show kit filled with everything needed to create the perfect party. Inside, you’ll find a banner, sales instructions, display ideas, and other goodies. In addition, you’ll also receive the actual jewelry items for your guests to peruse and purchase in person during the party. As the host of your trunk show, you get little extras such as free jewelry and other fun pieces. Whatever is left unsold at the end of the part will simply be mailed back.

Creative Ideas for Fall and Winter Trunk Shows

Want to take your trunk show to the next level? There are ways to spice up your party so that it reflects the season. This means combining your trunk show with fun fall and winter activities. Try the following ideas:

  • Pumpkin Carving Trunk Show: A fun fall treat would be a pumpkin carving trunk show. Guests can show up ready to carve some pumpkins as well as pick some pieces that will complete their fall wardrobes. Be sure to keep the activities separate, either by time or by room, as you don’t want dirty pumpkin fingers ruining the jewelry! This is a great party idea for guests who bring their children as well.
  • Friendsgiving Trunk Show: The precursor to Thanksgiving is Friendsgiving, a time where your friends gather for a fall-themed dinner while expressing love and thankfulness for one another. This would be a great way to host your Fall jewelry trunk party as it gathers your friends in one place, you all get to eat great food, and you get to check out some gorgeous jewelry!
  • Christmas Cookie Trunk Show: The winter months are all about cozy clothes, yummy sweets, and the joy of giving between friends and loved ones. Why not host a Christmas cookie trunk show where your friends can enjoy some delicious goodies while also shopping for presents for their friends, family and themselves?
  • New Year, New You Trunk Show: Once Christmas and the New Year have come and gone, things can fall a little flat. However, it’s still winter and there is still jewelry to check out and enjoy. Throw an “after the holidays” trunk show to help your friends and family spend their Christmas money on little extras for themselves, or perhaps prepare for an upcoming birthday!

Jewelry trunk shows for fall and winter offer dozens of opportunities to sell your jewelry, meet with friends, and stretch the reach of a great cause like PURPOSE. Try these ideas or look throughout the website for more cool ways to set up your very own trunk show. Happy Selling!

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