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Take Our Style Quiz & Get 15% Off!

Posted on 03 March 2017

Wearing jewelry is the perfect way to show the world a sample of your personality in a quick glance. If you like to spend a night on the town or at a party with friends, you might enjoy wearing beaded pieces that make a strong statement. If you prefer spending your day engrossed in a good book and sipping tea, you might prefer subtler pieces of jewelry like a necklace with a small charm and stud earrings.

On the other hand, if you spend much of you time hiking and exploring the outdoors, you might like a whimsical piece set with stones. Luckily, PURPOSE Jewelry takes all this and more into account when you take this style quiz.

Best of all, after taking the style quiz, you also receive a 15% off promotion code for their online store.

The Quiz

hand-crafted necklace


Not only does the quiz allow you to earn a promotion code and discover pieces that fit your own personal style, it’s also fun!

The quick style quiz contains questions that range from “How do you like to spend your Saturday night?” to “What jewelry style do you prefer?” Personally, I love a unique piece of jewelry that is a conversation starter, and I would curl up with a good book on my ideal Saturday night.

After answering all the questions, the quiz classified me as a “romantic” and called my style “pretty, polished, and feminine.” The quiz was spot on and when I clicked the button to check out my style profile, the website suggested amazing pieces of jewelry that perfectly suited my tastes.

One of the pieces that really stood out to me was the jubilee necklace. The dangling pink, faux pearls make a unique statement and have a classy sense of style. I could easily wear this necklace to work, class, or even to a cocktail party.

Why You’ll Love PURPOSE Jewelry


Not only is PURPOSE Jewelry fashionable, it is also hand-crafted by people rescued from sex trafficking in Mumbai, India and Orange County, California. 100% of PURPOSE Jewelry’s proceeds benefit survivors of sex trafficking through our non-profit, international sanctuary.

The profits from your purchase provide holistic care including employment, counseling, education, and healthcare so survivors can feel economic freedom as well as social freedom.

Furthermore, as a fair trade company, PURPOSE Jewelry ensures that artisans who create their products receive fair wages for their labor

In addition to helping victims of sex trafficking earn a livable wage, you will also be able to enjoy handmade jewelry. In comparison to mass-produced jewelry, hand-crafted jewelry tends to be more unique. Furthermore, it tends to be higher quality because artisans take pride in each hand-crafted piece of jewelry. PURPOSE Jewelry gives you the unique opportunity to help those in need while also elevating your sense of style.

Whenever you wear an item from PURPOSE Jewelry, you will feel proud that you helped victims of sexual violence. Browse through their website and take their quiz to discover the pieces that best fit your sense of style.

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