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New PURPOSE Video Launch: “Wear Freedom, Wear PURPOSE”

Posted on 04 November 2016

Fashion is a 1.2 TRILLION-dollar industry that affects nearly everyone. With that much influence, don’t you think the vehicle of fashion is capable of tackling problems in our world today?

We do.

Here at PURPOSE, we believe that it’s possible to make a fashion statement and make a difference, all at the same time. While our pieces are undoubtedly beautiful, they also mean so, so much more.

To honor that belief, we’re proud to present a jewelry line that’s all about FREEDOM.

“Wear Freedom, Wear PURPOSE”

This phrase perfectly captures our new Signature Collection line.

Source: PURPOSE Jewelry

The Signature Collection is our way of showcasing the relationship between our artisans and our customers. We’re passionate about empowering others, and we believe that fashion should empower both you and the person who made it.

In our new video launch, we show the connection between our customers and artisans. Our artisans are survivors of sex trafficking and learn how to handcraft our jewelry. The Signature Collection is a testament to these hardworking women.

Far too often, victims of sex trafficking are forced to return to the trade in order to survive. The typical victim ends up being released, only to be trafficked again, an average of 11 times before finally experiencing true freedom.

By purchasing jewelry from PURPOSE, our customers empower our artisans to strive for lives where they can live in safety and strength. Because our jewelry is made by people who know exactly what the sex trafficking industry is like, our pieces are so much more than “pretty.”

The video highlights this transformative and impactful relationship between artisan and customer. A jewelry purchase validates the work that our artisans do, and it brings the world that much closer to ending the sex trafficking trade for good because rescued victims know that there is a better way of life.

It is one of our goals to ensure that every rescued girl can remain free. In order to meet that goal, we are proud to donate funds from our jewelry profits to International Sanctuaries, our nonprofit that provides holistic care for the survivors of sex trafficking that we serve.

We also believe that just by wearing PURPOSE jewelry, our customers have the opportunity to make a difference by starting relevant discussions and raising awareness. All it takes, after all, is an “I love your necklace! Where’d you get it?” to start a life-changing conversation.

Overall, When our customers wear our jewelry, we want them to know that it was made by someone who is loved, cared for, has hope for the future, and is intimately tied to whoever’s wearing their work. We at PURPOSE believe that this is one of the most valuable kinds of connections between artisan and customer.

Want to get involved with PURPOSE Jewelry? Invite your friends to shop with us by hosting a trunk show! If you need inspiration, click here for cool trunk show ideas.

Check out our “Wear Freedom, Wear PURPOSE” video here.

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