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Introducing Purpose Rewards!

Posted on 05 July 2017

Introducing Purpose Rewards!


At PURPOSE, we are overjoyed when you, our lovely customers, purchase with PURPOSE®. Of course, our jewelry is more than just a nice touch on a cute outfit or a statement piece for a polished look—it’s the doorway to a new life and a new purpose for marginalized people all over the world who are escaping human trafficking. Slavery is very real in today’s world, and we want to not only put a stop to it but give a new life to those rescued from it. When you shop with us, you are making an intentional choice to not only add a little flair to your wardrobe but to make a positive change in a life by providing young women with freedom. We are looking for dedicated PURPOSE Brand Activists to consistently shop with us and help spread the word about the work we are doing!

That’s why we’re introducing the new PURPOSE Rewards Program! It’s our way of saying “Thank you!” to all of you for your continued business and dedication to spreading hope to those who need it most. Check out how it all works below.


How it Works

Join Purpose Rewards


To participate in Purpose Rewards, you must have a store account on our site. If you already have an account, great! If you don’t, you can sign up for free and earn your first 200 points. The way it works is that every 100 points = $1, which means you automatically earn $2.00 to spend when you join us. When making an order, every $1= 1 point. Basically, when you join Purpose, you can earn points for every dollar you spend!


How You Can Earn Points

Create An Account


There are tons of ways you can earn points through our program. As mentioned, creating an account immediately earns you 200 points—but that is just the beginning. You can also earn points the following ways:


  • It’s Your Birthday: On your birthday, we want to celebrate you! You earn 200 points on the big day.

  • You Refer a Friend: When you refer a friend, you earn 300 points when they make their first purchase! We want to thank you for spreading Purpose to those you love.

  • You Like Us on Facebook: When you like us on Facebook, it helps our numbers grow, which helps our Purpose grow. For this, we reward you 50 points!

  • You Share Our Site on Facebook: If you take things a bit further and share our site on Facebook, we award another 50 points! Raising awareness is the first step to making a positive change for a worthy cause!

  • You Follow Us on Instagram: When you follow us on Instagram, you earn another 50 points!

  • You Place an Order: When placing an order on our site, you earn 1 point for every $1 spent. We thank you for your continued business! 

Ways to Earn Points

As you can see, there are lots of ways to earn points. At Purpose, we’re all about making a difference, and we commend you for helping us continually reach that goal.


How You Can Spend Points

Ways to Spend Points


Now that you’ve got your points, what do you do with them? Spend them of course! As you shop with us, you can redeem your points for discounts on your orders. If you have 500 points, that’s a $5 off discount for your complete order. 1,000 points gets you a $10 off discount for your whole order. When you redeem 2,500 points, you get $25 off your entire purchase!


Different Perks


Invite A Friend


We really appreciate when you invite friends and family to shop with Purchase. Due to this, one of our favorite perks for you is that you can earn points when your friends and family purchase with us. It’s quick and easy to refer friends and family, and we want to give away free points for every referral you send! What’s more, when you share with your friends and family, they automatically get 30% off their first order with us!


When you wear PURPOSE, you are wearing Freedom. When you present your Purpose pieces to the world, you are spreading awareness. When you shop with us, you are buying a piece of jewelry beautifully handcrafted by a woman embarking on a new life. For all that you do, we want to thank you. Thank you for wearing and sharing freedom!

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