Stylish Mother’s Day Gifts That Give More Than You Know

A Meaningful Gift for a Special Person 

Mother’s Day is fast approaching, and for all the love and support your mother has provided you, this is the perfect opportunity to give it right back to her. Wouldn’t it be so much more meaningful if what you gave her also gave back to the world? There are companies that sell wide varieties of products that could appeal to any mom while also providing support and services to individuals in need all across the globe. Listed below are just a handful of the companies that are working towards a greater mission. Any of these products would be a wonderful and meaningful gift for a person as special as your mom.


mother's day gifts

Photo Source: TOMS

TOMS, a popular product brand, uses the slogan “One for One” to convey the company’s mission, that for every product purchased, one is given to someone in need. By purchasing their products, you help provide shoes, sight, water, safe birth, and bullying prevention services to people in need. They are most known for their shoes, but also sell eyewear, coffee, and bags. With each purchase, TOMS collaborates with partners and provides a wide variety of help across the world. So far, they have reached out and helped in Honduras, India, China, and the United States. This alone should be enough to want to purchase something from this company for your mother, but the fact that they’re so stylish doesn’t hurt.


The Elephant Pants

mother's day gifts

Photo Source: The Elephant Pants

The Elephant Pants are known for their comfortable, cute, lightweight pants that are sold in order to save elephants. The company is a corporate sponsor of the African Wildlife Foundation, and 10% of net profits are donated to the foundation to help prevent elephant poaching. The donations aid in educating the population about the effects of poaching, paying African land owners to keep their land open rather than sell to developers, and supplying park rangers with supplies and training for tracking animals and apprehending poachers. To think, one pair of pants can help do all that!


2 Degrees Foods

mother's day gifts

Photo Source: 2 Degrees Foods

Maybe your mother is the type of person that is more excited by a gift of goodies than clothing. In that case, 2 Degrees Food has got you covered. Much like Toms, this company works through a “buy one give one” model. Therefore, when you buy a bar from them, a meal is provided for a hungry child. They have bars that are free of gluten and perfect for a delicious vegan snack. The bar, loaded with healthy grains, fruits, and toasted nuts, will help your mom keep her energy up while feeding a hungry child at the same time.


Panda Sunglasses

Photo Source: Panda Sunglasses

Especially entering into these next few sunny months, a pair of sunglasses would be a perfect gift for your mom. This company, Panda Sunglasses, was founded with the goal to help both people and the planet. Each product sold is handcrafted from sustainably sourced bamboo, which is utilized as efficiently as possible. Not only are they eco-friendly, but the company has also partnered with Optometry Giving so that with every pair of sunglasses sold, the gift of vision is given to someone in need. They also have just recently begun selling the Panda Bamboo Watch, which provides education for developing communities around the world with every purchase. With Panda Sunglasses, your mom gets to enjoy seeing the world through stylish glasses knowing that as a result a person in need is being given the opportunity to see.


Soap Box Soaps

mother's day gifts

Photo Source: Soap Box Soaps

A lot of moms are incredibly interested in the entire world of bathing and relaxing, and many of them go crazy over pampering bath products. Soap Box Soaps provides those luxurious gifts while also giving back to the community. They partner with the Global Soap Project and currently use 66% of their total soap bar donations to support homeless shelters and food banks in the United States. For their international bar donations, they donate soap to smaller local organizations that provide hygiene education programs and/or soap-making training to different communities. Soap Box Soaps also partners with the organization Splash to provide a month of clean water for orphanages and children’s hospitals around the world. Your mom can enjoy a well-deserved luxurious bath with products that are helping people around the world.


Purpose Jewelry

mother's day gifts

Photo Source: Purpose Jewelry

If your mom is someone who likes jewelry, look no further than Purpose Jewelry. Through the International Sanctuary, we provide a safe space for sex trafficking survivors to create better lives for themselves. The women are placed in mentoring programs, and are provided with an education, medical care, dental care, scholarships, and micro-loans in order to prepare them for their future.

Purpose Jewelry was launched to help the survivors by employing them, thus providing financial stability. These ladies join healthy workplaces and are given the chance to become more confident. Each girl is given the opportunity to be taught artisan jewelry skills.

With 100% of the proceeds helping the survivors, purchasing Purpose Jewelry helps empower these young women and encourages them to dream, while providing your mom with a beautiful and meaningful piece of jewelry.


Purchasing from any single one of these companies would provide so many benefits all around; it’s almost a no-brainer! Give your mother the gift that gives back and celebrate Mother’s Day with a hug and a smile!