Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

Mother's Day Gift Guide 2017

Your mother was one of the main people who taught you to be considerate of others and the environment. That’s why a socially conscious gift is the perfect way to show your mom that you value her and the causes she cares about. No matter your mom’s personality, this Mother’s Day gift guide will help you find the right gift for your sweet mom!


For the Sentimental Mom


Purpose Infinity Necklace

Show your mom that your love for her is never ending with our Infinity necklace. Not only is it absolutely darling, but this necklace is also handcrafted by a young woman rescued from sex trafficking. Your purchase helps pay fair wages to these artisans and funds programs for these women to overcome trauma and learn employable skills.


For the Techie Mom

Eco Friendly Computer Sleeve

Source: Shopping for a Change

A computer sleeve from Shopping for a Change is the perfect gift to keep your mom’s devices safe. Best of all, it is made of recycled materials originally used in the fishing and construction industries. Crafted in Cambodia, the proceeds provide sustainable incomes to workers and fund community programs.   


For the Eco-Friendly Mom

Lush Mom Bath Bomb

Source: Lush

One of the best ways to relax is to take a bath with a refreshing bath bomb. With Lush’s seasonal Mom Bath Bomb, your mom will enjoy the aroma of lemon mixed with sweet orange and hints of rose as she soaks in the tub. The knowledge that all the products at Lush are vegan and never tested on animals will give your mom peace of mind. Plus, every hard-working mom deserves to kick back and relax!


For the Coffee and Tea Loving Mom


You Are Loved Mug

Remind your mom how much you love her every time she takes a sip out of her new favorite PURPOSE mug. The proceeds of this benefit survivors of sex trafficking in the United States and India.


For the Cleanly Mom

Thistle Farms' Hand Care Duo

Source: Thistle Farms

Thistle Farms’ Hand Care Duo contains gentle, cleansing liquid hand soap and moisturizing hand lotion. You can choose from the scents of citrus wood, lavender, and vanilla vetiver to find the perfect aroma for your mom. Thistle Farms provides supportive housing and employment for female survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction. Every time your mom washes and moisturizes her hands, she will remember she is helping other women through their struggles.


For the Mom Who Lights Up Your Life


Pot Candle

Source: Prosperity Candle

Show your mom that she brings light to your life with a Liberte Pot Candle. With these customizable candles, you get to choose color of the vessel and the fragrance of the wax. Prosperity Candle’s sustainable candles are molded out of paraffin wax. The wax is poured by women refugees who are creating new lives for themselves and their families in the United States. The vessels are handcrafted by women artisans from around the world who are being paid fair wages for their work. Whenever your mom lights her Prosperity Candle, she will remember she is helping create a brighter future for other women around the world.


For the On the Go Mom


French Market Tote

Source: Harabu House

A French Market Tote from Harabu House is the perfect gift to fit into your mom’s busy lifestyle. She can use it as a replacement for plastic bags when picking up groceries or even as an adorable purse. The tote is hand woven from sustainably grown palm leaves, water reeds, and wild grasses by Moroccan farmers. Whenever your mom uses the tote, she will remember that the purchase helped Moroccans gain additional income.


For the Party Mom


One Hope Wine


Sip wine while knowing you’re helping a good cause with ONEHOPE. You can support various charities depending on the bottle of wine you purchase. ONEHOPE’s California Chardonnay is a light, fruity wine with the flavors and aromas of green apple, vanilla bean, and butterscotch. This wine donates part of its proceeds to helping women with breast cancer. With every sip, your mom will know she is supporting the cause of her choice.


For the Practical Mom


Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter

Source: Amazon

Soma Sustainable Pitcher & Plant-Based Water Filter might be the right gift for your practical mom. This eco-friendly pitcher is made from BPA-free plastic and sustainable white oak. It holds 80 ounces of fresh water, and the proceeds help bring safe drinking water to people in developing countries.


For the Crafty Mom


Watercolor Card by Jenna Rainey

Our new watercolor card, designed by artist Jenna Rainey, is a wonderful personalized gift that shows your mom how special she is. Proceeds from your purchase benefit the survivors we serve through iSanctuary’s programs.


A socially conscious Mother’s Day gift is a great way to show your mom that you care about her. Now, all you need to do is choose the gift that best fits your mom.

Have a Happy Mother’s Day!