PURPOSE Signature Collection Launch

Our team at PURPOSE is much more than jewelry designers and fashion enthusiasts. We are difference makers and we want our pieces to reflect that. Today, we are releasing five new Signature PURPOSE pieces that emulate FREEDOM and all that Freedom stands for. When wearing these pieces, we want you to know you are making a real difference in the world not just by your purchase, but also by the action of portraying these hope-bringing pieces to your family and friends. Wear Freedom with the newest pieces of our Signature Collection!


Wear PURPOSE, Wear Freedom

Freedom is not a luxury everyone in the world gets to have. In fact, in this day and age there are still 20 million slaves worldwide, 60,000 of those in the United States alone. Every human life should be valued and deserves to be free and lively freely no matter where they are. Even worse, the Fashion Industry is largely built on this type of slavery—exploitation, sweat shops, child labor, and much worse. PURPOSE aims to be different by being a brand that not only supports the freedom of the marginalized, but works to ensure freedom for every human life, no matter how long it takes. We encourage you to be an agent of change through your everyday wardrobe, by literally wearing freedom through the PURPOSE Signature pieces. 

We strongly believe that fashion should be an industry that empowers the wearer as well as the person who created it. It also makes a ripple effect across cultures and locations where people are enslaved and their life is not their own to live freely. Artisans who have been rescued from sex trafficking handcraft each of our pieces, so when you make a purchase, you’re helping save a life. With PURPOSE, standing up for freedom and keeping people free is as easy as getting dressed in the morning.


Wear Freedom With Our Signature Collection  

These studs come in both Brass and Silver. Perfectly paired with any outfit, these studs are sweet, pretty, and add just the right amount of flair and beauty.


Our Signature Brass and Silver earrings are the perfect accessories for any autumn or winter outfit. The earrings offer a beautiful hue that compliments your fall and winter colors, but can certainly be worn year-round. With a cute, dangly design, these simple earrings truly offer a big fashion statement.


A delicate shape, this bracelet offers a classy, simplistic look that can complement and complete any outfit.


Purpose’s Signature Collection also has a beautiful necklace amongst the newest pieces! This simple chain and pendant bare the same stud design as our bracelets and earrings, making a cohesive collection that’s as beautiful as it is powerful!


Finally, to complete your look, Purpose is also offering a beautifully simple Signature Ring in both brass and silver. Another delicate circlet, this ring mirrors the bracelet in both design and colors.


Take the opportunity to choose your Freedom style now and purchase with PURPOSE! If you like, you can also get really involved by hosting a trunk show, sharing with your friends through social media with the hashtags: #wearfreedom and #shareyourpurpose.

Make a difference this fall and throughout the year by choosing PURPOSE. Wear Freedom, Wear PURPOSE.